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As I previously mentioned we have a new game web based “real” puzzle mystery Professor Layton game called Layton’s Mystery Journey: Real World Puzzle Solving or Layton World for short. As this is a timed based web based game the puzzles will eventually get lost so here we will have an archive of the puzzles as well as hints and solutions for those stuck in a puzzle. The puzzles are not that difficult so I would suggest only looking at the Answer if you’re completely stumped.

Let’s take a look at the first four puzzles, now part of what makes solving a puzzle fun is actually solving it. Read hints separately and only use the next hint if you still don’t get it and check your answer by highlighting to read the spoilers.

a) I have a puzzle…

The first puzzle features Pikotaro, a Japanese entertainer famous for PPAP (Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen) which was a great way to start the game and luckily it’s an easy puzzle to warm up.

Hint 1: Think about the kind of changes that happen when the words apple and pineapple are combined. —

Hint 2: When you look at the words closely, the word combined with apple has a ‘t’ in it, and the word combined with pineapple is in reverse order.

Hint 3: The word that is combined with apple and pineapple is rats. Place a ‘t’ at the beginning of rats then read it in reverse order.

Apples are T Pineapples are upside down. So if you put this in the last question,
Let’s put T in front and read it backwards
Let’s think about what an apple and pineapple mean.
rap to trap Trap as part What rules do you have

Answer to the puzzle (Highlight to see):

b) Block the Letters

Out of all the Puzzles, this seemed to be the most difficult, you had to follow 15 links to find some of these pictures below and from there figuring it out. Eventually the pictures where put on the actual puzzle page since it seemed o confuse a lot of people and the puzzle is already tough on its own. Here are the pictures and you can click them  to make them bigger.


Hint 1: Place the blocks in the frame, and use the letters covered by the numbers in the blocks.
Hint 2: Fill in blocks ‘a’ through ‘g’ with their corresponding letters, and think about the meaning of the instruction that it indicates.
Hint 3: BEROFE N refers to the frames from A to M. If you colour the frames all black and look at it from a distance, you can see 3 letters.

Translaytion: Place the 4-coloured blocks in the frame.
Do not rotate or flip them.


[1] YEAR
[2] FORK
[3] BIKE
[4] BOOK
[5] STOP
[6] NICE
[7] FOOT
[8] DROP
[10] TOUR
[11] DEAD
[12] FOUR
[13] MILK
[14] DUST

You end up gettng these letters:
a= B
b= E
c= F
d= O
e= R

1) abcdef g = BEFORE N
2) The black colored block means you need to color all the blocks with letters that come before N, in the 4 x 15 one. |For example in the first row that has YEAR, you will need to color the blocks containing EA, and the same in the others

Answer to the puzzle (Highlight to see):

c) Two’s company

Hint 0: “Pick two …” What does this mean?

Hint 1:
Clock + camera + tent -> cat.
Window + three + bomb -> ???

Hint 2:
Look at the letters that are repeated in each word

Hint 3:
Clock (CC) – Camera (AA) – Tent (TT) = CAT
Window (WW) – Three (EE) – Bomb (BB) = ???

Answer to the puzzle (Highlight to see):

d) Balloon Puzzle

This puzzle was revealed at the end of a commercial for Layton’s Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires’ Conspiracy in Japan, luckily thanks to Translaytion, we had screencaps of the commercial but now we have the commercial as well:

Hint 1: Pay attention to the colors of the balloons and their arrangement in the image.

Hint 2: Read balloons from left to right

Hint 3: Each group of balloons forms a letter, they must only follow the order of the colors ~

Final Hint: Use the colors of each row of balloons with the chart to form words; For the first row Green and Pink are Vertical lines and white is horizontal forming an H.

Answer to the puzzle (Highlight to see):


If you missed the game as it was online well you missed a heck of a time but at least you can still solve the puzzles. Click here for other Layton World puzzles.

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Layton World Puzzle
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