Joyeuse Saint Valentin Joueur – French Valentines Day Song videos to practice & learn

Valentine’s Day is coming so thought I’d do some research into it and maybe find some cheesy songs I love to share for this #FrenchFriday post but I can’t say I was able to find a lot of content and don’t want to have retell the retelling of the story myself, I did find out that in France you only give a present to your significant other, friends not allowed. Shame.

The first video I want to share is this french Valentine’s Day Rhyme that was inspired by the drawings of Raymond Peynet. It’s cute, there’s a transcript (at the bottom of the page) and you can learn some vocabulary.

Une histoire de coeurs – La Saint Valentin – Valentine’s Day – French

For the second video we have a history of St. Valentine’s day and only 3 minutes long. I don’t normally share these type of videos for various reasons but I wasn’t finding a lot of content and found this video that a French teacher shared with me once so I got somewhat nostalgic, I’m also able to understand it a lot better now.

La véritable histoire de la Saint-Valentin, le 14 février

Finally, I will share one cheesy song, it’s not a great song but the lyrics are on screen and it’s easy to follow and hey, it wouldn’t be a holiday themed French post without a song.

Chanson Saint Valentin ? Chanson d’Amour “in love”

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Une histoire de coeurs

Coeur d’oiseau bleu,
Je t’aime un peu.
Je suis heureux !

Coeur de poulet,
Je t’aime assez.
Je suis flatté.

Coeur de lapin,
Je t’aime bien.
Nous sommes copains !

Coeur de loup-garou,
Je t’aime beaucoup.
Je suis jaloux !

Coeur d’éléphant,
Je t’aime vraiment.
Je suis content !

Coeur d’alligator,
Je t’adore !
Encore ! Encore !

Coeur de lion,
C’est la passion !
Quelle émotion !

Coeur de zébu,
Je ne t’aime plus.
Je suis déçu !

Coeur de souris,
C’est fini !
Je suis guéri !

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