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Some Raving French Halloween Songs

It’s been difficult trying to find a Halloween themed French Friday post since Halloween is not really popular in France. However I was able to find some french halloween songs. The songs were all made for french learners since there appears to be no real halloween songs but that doesn’t mean they’re bad, in fact I would add them to any halloween playlist. Since they’re for people learning French they’re easy to follow, include lyrics and a great way to learn spooky vocabulary, check them out.

Matt Maxwell – C’est l’halloween

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Whatever happened to.. Goosebumps Gold ?

Goosebumps was a huge hit in the 90s but as the years went by the franchise started to slow down a bit and to re-energize it the original run ended and was immediately replaced by Goosebumps Series 2000 which sparked a bit more interest into the series though the trend of Goosebumps slowing down as their original target audience kept growing up. Still, Scholastic had no intention of letting go and they had planned for a new series to take over Series 2000 in October 2001 with Goosebumps Gold.

slappy goosebumps gold new year

R.L. Stine’s contract was ending and Scholastic was in a legal dispute over Goosebumps with Parachute Press, add to that the declining sales and the scheduled Goosebumps Gold series was cancelled and not seen again for a few years. But what exactly was Goosebumps Gold going to be like? Besides a few press releases what we mostly have to go by is the artwork of the first two books as well as the title for the third from Tim Jacobus’ website.
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Music Match 13: 3 Spooky Music Videos

It’s October and the 13th edition of Music Match we’re in the Halloween mood so we’ll feature 3 spooky music videos to go along with the season so enjoy the music recommendations and awesome music videos for a playlist this season.

Mushroomhead – Solitaire Unraveling

What better music video to start this off with than with a band that uses scary masks, a mix of metal and electronic their sound is different than what you normally find in the genre. The music video is a bit artsy but that’s what’s cool about it even if not the creepiest thing they’ve done it’s a good song with an interesting music video that you can’t go wrong checking it out.
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Looking back on.. Tales from the Cryptkeeper

Horror Comics by EC got a live action anthology show on HBO with Tales from the Crypt where many of the stories from the comics where adapted, While not for kids, the cryptkeeper was so iconic and charismatic that just like Jason Vorhees and Freddy Krueger, he became a pop culture figure that kids loved and so it got an animated adaptation for kids. How did the transition go?

cryptkeeper tales dvd

Tales from the Cryptkeeper was clearly a spin-off that might even be in continuity since the theme song is basically the same and the voice actor of the cryptkeeper is also kept from the HBO show. Unlike the stories in the adult show this one featured more stories with classic horror monsters and fairly tame stories that only have a spooky visuals and characters but being more of an adventure story
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The Addams Family Values movie duology

It’s October Friday the 13th so it’s too good of a day to not talk about something spooky and what better way than to talk about the Addams Family which have mostly become forgotten since their last big boom when their two films had in the 90s. The family seems to have been forgotten by pop culture for the most part when in the 90s it seemed like they were here to stay and successfully made the jump from old tv show to a movie franchise.

addams family cast

Both films actually do an excellent job portraying the quirky family on the big screen in a way that you don’t normally see, not only does it pay respect to the source material but it actually enhances it and makes it its own thing. All the characters seem to have been born to play those roles and are the definitive versions of those characters. The humor is very well balanced and strangely dark for such a mainstream movie
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Looking back on.. Big Bad Beetleborgs / Metallix

After Power Rangers became a huge hit Saban thought that if anyone was going to be making rip-off shows it might as well be him, and that’s how Ameritoku shows like VR Troopers, Masked Rider and Big Bad Beetleborgs came to be. Based on the Tokusatsu Metal Heroes shows Juukou B-Fighter and B-Fighter Kabuto we got what might’ve been the most creative of the Saban shows in that era.

beetleborgs comics

As a kid the Beetleborgs seemed like an awful show, I detested the idea of kids becoming heroes and saw it as a cheap Power Rangers rip off. It wasn’t until many years later when I became a fan of tokusatsu that I decided to check it out since it seemed to be generally well liked. It took me a bit to get into it but I was totally able to digg it. It’s a cheesier take when compared to Saban’s other shows but it knows this and plays with its silliness and camp.
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Goosebumps Lost Episodes

Goosebumps was a huge hit in the 90s releasing tons of books and spanning a successful TV show on Fox Kids which adapted almost every book of the original run in 74 episodes. Sadly the show came to an end but I can’t say it didn’t accomplish more than I would’ve thought. Even then if you’ve watched every episode you might have an itch for more than not even the movies can get to and luckily I’ve found just that to watch.


As mentioned Goosebumps was huge and of course it got plenty of merchandise including video games, and we’re not focused on that exactly but the story of them since they serve as nice extra episodes of the franchise that you can enjoy if you’re tired of watching the same episodes over and over again with the same cheesyness that the original show had and we have a total of 3 “extra/lost” episodes, two featuring Horrorland and one the infamous Mutant from Attack of the Mutant.

Escape from Horrorland

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