MiscRave 2020

New year is here and so are new years resolutions, I missed the X-Mas wins and spoils but here we are with new site years resolutions and updates. Currently life’s a little busy so all I can promise is a weekly post however I’ll try to get as much content as I can so I’ll definitely be squeezing a few more updates besides that weekly one. The podcast is back as previously stated and it’ll be done on a biweekly basis. I do have a few other projects which will be taking time away including WearVear and other life happenings but I’ll be trying to balance things out here on the site as much as possible

I will also try to make the site more pleasing to the eyes, updating older articles and also working on some video content as well but that’s more further along the year. Overall I’m excited for the decade, I’m excited for the year and MiscRave so let’s continue to build a fun little archive of cool stuff online. French Corner will definitely be back and perhaps rebooted in a better format but at least in the mean time in the same regular format. Lots planned, lot’s already plotted so let’s keep going.

Luigi Kawasaki

social hermit

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