MiscRave History 1999 – Present

MiscRave went live on Aug 2016, the latest version of the different websites that I’ve been able to run, so while the current incarnation of the site has been around for X years (depending one when you’re reading this); the site’s history goes back a little bit longer than that. Miscellaneous Rave is a site meant to bring the attention to people all things that are important to us. So for those interested, here is the story of MiscRave.com

The first site ever made was like on geocities as a kid back in 1999, I had no idea what I was doing and it reeked of a free hosted website of the 90s. It was a general purpose website mostly dealing with gaming and Pokemon which were the things that I liked. That site did not last long. The second version of that site was another general purpose more sophisticated as I was a bit older and used Homestead as my site builder. Inspired by Tails Pokemon Chat, it featured large chat rooms as well as a main page for news. Alas, it never got much traffic and it was quickly forgotten. Unfortunately all traces of these sites are dead and they’re not possible to be found anymore but we can call this version 1 of the site, meant to take a look at “cool things” that I liked and I wanted them to be highlighted.

The next step was something different, it was a Plush Wrestling News site hosted by tripod which parts can still be found here. At the time I had a friend who had created the NXPW, the Nintendo Xtreme Plush Wrestling. Which was just nintendo and other plush toys fighting with text dialog and images, sadly that site is gone but the Plush Wrestling News site I made was meant to promote it as well as my own plush wrestling league I had planned but it instead became a general purpose site for news of things that I was geeking out at the time. This would also include a recreation of the Enix.com message boards that I made when Enix merged with Square Soft and the forums that I had participated for so long got shut down and I recreated them exactly as they used to be. This would basically be the second version of the site which started as a different project but would eventually become an improved version of the original idea.

The following part of this story was when I was trying to create a Pokemon Blog, this was still in the early web 2.0 days, Pokemon wasn’t cool and there weren’t many sources for news. I started a website which got lost to time but from there it evolved into a blogspot site, it became fairly popular and got divided into The Pokeball and The Pokeblog to keep things cleaner depending on what the post was about. Eventually the blog became so popular I was asked for it to be hosted on Bulbagarden which I was happy to do despite not being the best idea since they ended up erasing everything at one point. Regardless the original pokeball blog evolved into having other interests and posts regarding other topics so random things that I wanted to see get more attention so it really became a third version of that original site.

I had a few more ideas for different projects but never moved too much with any of them or if I did they died shortly, they were for different passions like music for example. But I ended up remembering that any of my sites worked best when it was not bound to one topic but when I expanded upon it with other stuff. I thought I’d use my energy for a one size fits all site which is bad for SEO but good for the sovl. The site became DigiRaveX but the launch was a very slow one since I wanted to get things perfectly. Eventually I changed the name to MiscRave and decided that it was launching even if it wasn’t ready and build from there. This is what is the fourth version of that original site became and is now. It might evolve into something different in the future but for now we have MiscRave.

MiscRave is meant to be Miscellaneous Rave, a random depository of all things that I love to rave about, whether music, entertainment, games, martial arts, technology. No limit, it makes it hard to get a specific type of audience since it can be all over the place but MiscRave is not meant to be pideon-holed into any one topic, except being a tribute of all things that are worthy of an article. We host some legacy articles that I’ve been able to rescue from those previous incarnations of the site and they fit the theme so while very different names or original purposes, I like to include them as part of what this site is, since all those previous versions mentioned here one way or another became that same idea.

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