MiscRave 2021 Year Updates

A new year is here so let’s go over everything planned for MiscRave in 2021 and I’ll keep it a bit safe since I always get a bit ambitious with what I have planned and I don’t get to all of it. This year marks the 5th anniversary of the current reboot of MiscRave and as such I’ll be making as many upgrades to the site as I can. As you have already seen some changes to the site have been made, we have a new logo and icons to share but also I’ll be fixing the images of all the older articles that don’t have them working properly and update certain articles as needed.

I originally planned for older articles to get much more attention in the updates but that will be done a bit more slowly. I’ll finally get around to rebooting the articles and feature pages as well. As far as video content and podcast, they’re definitely in the works but they don’t have a high priority. As always you can expect an average of 1 post per week and hopefully a few more. It’ll be a busy year for me in life so all my energy in the site is going to much needed sections before I start new ones.

Expect more reviews of random stuff and every type of previous sections getting a revival post as well whether music match, french or the like. I also plan to dig into the archives of previous MiscRave versions and history and repost it. In general I’m excited to what this year will bring to MiscRave since it’ll give us a great way to go forward. Upcoming articles include Kamen Rider, VR with our partnership with wearvear, Tokusatsu, Godzilla, Power Rangers, TMNT and more.

Luigi Kawasaki

social hermit

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