MiscRave Discord Server

I’ve always wanted to find a place for the small but great MiscRave community and sadly the forums and chat that we tried years ago didn’t quite work but now we have a Discord Server called The Drome where no matter what fandom you belong to or what you like, you’ll be able to find someone so you are free to join.

We are a small community but we have plenty of great discussions, it is mostly kept in simple channels to not overwhelm but if there’s enough demand we can add new channels to help discussions, as long as they’re active. The rules are rather relaxed and we don’t have a problem since we all know how to behave, just keep it fun and avoid topics that will make people show us their worst side. Common sense.

If the link is broken or you have any issues make sure to reach me on twitter.

Luigi Kawasaki

social hermit

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