Secret Cutting Painful Secrets USA original movie a look back

Being a big fan of the WWF in 1999 so I would watch a lot of commercials from the USA Network, especially when they started promoting their crappy TV movies which were from pretty much any genre like horror to what would be more appropriate as a Lifetime original movie drama and this is exactly what Secret Cutting is. The marketing in Raw is War worked as I watched many of them before giving up but this one stuck with me and I decided to check it out if it was worth any.

The movie uses all the High School stereotypes mixing the drama you’d expect in Degrassi with caricature bullies you’d see in a Disney film. The movie drops you right into her cutting ways and the problems in her life and as usual they’re normal teenage angst. The movie didn’t shy away from cutting or sex, nothing too graphic but enough to get the point.

Everyone in the movie acts like an idiot and I can’t say much about the movie now but I can say that it likely gave me a good message as growing up, at least more than the average school talk did and it’s worth its own article here. The movie was adapted from the book The Luckiest Girl in the World and renamed as Painful Secrets for the DVD market which features a cover that might go for the actual audience and not the pro-wrestling crowd.

There isn’t a perfect happy ending which is fitting to not sugar coat things and the whole movie takes place in the winter, just thought people should know that as well. The movie is fine for what you’d expect in this type of awareness movies but it’s no Kimberly Anorexia Gymnastics movie.

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