Remembering.. Nintendo 64 Sixty-FOOOOOOOOOOUR Kid

You wake up on Christmas to see what presents Santa Claus has brought you and he did it he brought you the thing you must wanted. That’s what Brandon and Rachel got when they received his Nintendo 64 on Christmas Day. It first became popular about ten years ago but it still captures that moment you felt as a kid getting something you really wanted which we’re going to see why.

They have a website but there’s not much on it and you can even see “bonus” footage of them receiving some games they rented but it’s not as good as the original video.

They are known to do interviews when asked through out the years from the time the Nintendo Sixty-Four video went viral to X-years later aricles and there are many along with commercials that used it.

Recently Taco Bell commercial re-creating the moment, a bit late to the party after something had been viral for nearly a decade ago.

This was in the early youtube days but it still received tons of parodies, sadly I couldn’t find many of the originals but here’s one I found that is worth the time to watch.

To this day I think it brings to light what we all feel when we get a new console even as adults, in fact this was shortly before the Wii came out and I wanted to re-create it and film it but never did do it. But anytime a new console Nintendo or oterwise I thin we’re all channeling a bit of a N64 kid inside of us.

Luigi Kawasaki

social hermit

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