90s Video Game Christmas Commercials ft. Nintendo, Sony, Sega retro

As a kid Sega, Playstation and Nintendo were the big boys when it came to Christmas presents since those were automatically the “Big” gift of the year that only the latest Megazord from Power Rangers could hope to match. Their holiday commercials for that very reason were quite iconic, so let’s take a look at 3 different commercials that these companies made at different times in the 90s.

Playstation Christmas Commercial Featuring Crash, Lara, and Sweet Tooth

A X-Mas dinner full of political talk and awkward heated discussions seems more relevant than ever and seeing the Playstation gang crashing the party with at the moment super rebellious Crash the Bandicoot man followed by a goofy looking Sweet Tooth from Twisted Metal and a “realistic” unrealistic Lara Croft entering and showing them video games is just all kinds of awesome. There were other commercials around 1998 that featured this same gang of characters crashing various events and it worked for the most part in getting the point accross, it was some great marketing.

Nintendo 64 christmas commercial

Nintendo actually had a post Christmas commercial parodying Jingle Bells which doesn’t work great but it’s so bad it’s good and man was that a good line up for Christmas that year on the Nintendo 64. You had The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time, Star Wars Rogue Squadron and Turok 2: Seeds of Evil. Hell even South Park surely brought people’s attention since it was a first person shooter of this shocking and new hit tv show at the time.

Genesis – Christmas Presents (Sega Genesis Commercial)

Not as fun but also a Sega Genesis is better than Nintendo because we’re hip commercial is a bit by the numbers but at the time I guess it had some attitude to it. They don’t show much in the way of games but the music sells the idea that when the kids are playing they are having more fun than they would otherwise why would they all want to play Genesis with the kid they never talked to until he got a god damn Genesis..

sega christmas tree

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