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How long should Christmas last?

At what time do you put away your Christmas decorations? As I wondered when I was going to put away my Christmas tree this year but I just couldn’t decide. For a few years I was putting them away on the 26th since Christmas was over but then I listened to the 12 days of Christmas song and looked it up and indeed there are 12 days of Christmas and contrary to some calendars they actually begin on the 25th, they don’t end on the 25th which made sense so I tried to follow that the year after but things are a lot more complicated than that. Christmas being the mess of a holiday since it’s a fusion of so many different things that it’s only normal for there not to be an exact answer and you’ll see answers that ranger from various days in January all the way to February 2nd for specific reasons and they all have some validity.
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Christmas Haul 2016

Christmas was yesterday and we all received presents, did you get any good ones?

In my case my present was more of a trip and other presents I got this year aren’t really “share” friendly and I don’t mean they aren’t appropriate but nothing really “interesting” to show online but quite useful and great in their own right. I actually turned down a few “fun” geeky things when some people asked me, maybe I’m growing up but let’s hope it’s not that and next year can be a little more “fun” to show.
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Remembering.. Nintendo Sixty-FOOOOOOOOOOUR Kid

You wake up on Christmas to see what presents Santa Claus has brought you and he did it he brought you the thing you must wanted. That’s what Brandon and Rachel got when they received his Nintendo 64 on Christmas Day. It first became popular about ten years ago but it still captures that moment you felt as a kid getting something you really wanted which we’re going to see why.
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Turbo Man : Christmas Toy of the Year

Jingle All the Way was one of my favorite christmas movies I saw as a kid and even as I grew up I continued to like it. I was shocked to find later on that the general consensus was that it was a terrible movie since to me it had always been very clever and an over the top yet accurate picture of what happens during this season. Over the years the general consensus has changed and now I can say opinions are more divided about the movie with them leaning towards it being good. I guess kids who loved the movie just grew up and were able to defend the movie they love. But I’m not here to talk about the Arnold Schwarzenegger film with future Anakin Skywalker Jake Lloyd but of Turbo Man the superhero that becomes the toy of the year.

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Looking back on.. The Santa Clause Trilogy

I remember watching The Santa Clause when I was a kid but while I liked it, I don’t think I ever watched it again but I still remembered it was a weird premise and the Oscar Meyer whistle ending but I never really felt like watching the movie again. Flashback to one day that I open up Netflix and see The Santa Clause 3 and a ridiculous cover and I kind of felt like watching the original but it wasn’t available. Then that idea morphed into me wanting to watch the entire trilogy for who knows what reason and culminated when I realized all the movies were now available to stream and what I planned to do over the next couple of weeks ended up with me watching them all in one day.

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Secret Movie.. The Nightmare Before Christmas’ sequel “Oogie’s Revenge” you never saw

The Nightmare before Christmas is a movie that never got a sequel, apparently Tim Burton who created the idea shut down a proposed CG sequel in the early 2000’s but did it really not get a sequel? As I mentioned in my Nightmare Revisited review the franchise got sort of a revival in popularity in the mid 00’s thanks to Hot Topic selling merchandise but we didn’t just get t-shirts and beanies we also ended up getting what is essentially the closest thing we have to a sequel and that’s a video game sequel which picks up a year after the original film.
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