3 Super Hero Music Videos for Music Match SuperHero ft Stone Sour, Seal, Filter & Crystal Method

Superhero movies were a thing that wasn’t so frequent back in the day and we’d only get one every other year but still big enough that it got a lot of promotion because theyw ere still iconic characters. The Fall is here so why not listen to some Autumn esque superhero music videos based on superheroes which isn’t really done anymore and that’s a shame. Not that any of these superhero music videos have much to do with the heroes themselves but that’s what makes them so much fun.

Stone Sour – Bother

Corey Taylor from Slipknot made his unmasked debut with this song that was promoting Spider-Man, most people were shocked and angry at the decision to do this “mainstream” project than more Slipknot and him taking his mask off than the Marvel connection but I’d argue that’s the biggest WTF moment with this decision. The song is an ok radio edit of a radio friendly song that besides some iffy lyrics isn’t so bad at all but the best part is that it has absolutely nothing to do with Spider-Man, not even random scenes from the movie as the only connection to the movie is that he wears a Spider-Man ring that is focused on plenty of times during the video which takes you off the mood of the video which shows a copy of Corey Taylor aging rapidly until he dies and becomes dust only to leave his spiderman ring which the young Corey Taylor puts on encompassing his own Spider-Man ring. Music from and inspired from Spider-Man? Exactly how?

Seal – Kiss From A Rose

I have to say this was the music video that tried its hardest to incorporate the movie in it as Seal is actually singing in front of the bat-signal with random Batman Forever scenes and even one Batman Returns scene. So even with Seal having an opened up shirt being blown by the wind in this ultra sensual scene that even Batman would admit he got the most romantic song in a superhero soundtrack. I don’t know I just can’t hate this song or music video, they’re fantastic. It didn’t get called the “Love Theme” of the movie for no reason.

This song actually had a less famous but original version of a music video where Seal is also being his unusually sensual self while taking photos and also referencing another movie in this case Blowup. Without Batman somehow balancing the ridiculousness this music video is just more over the top and less erotic as a result. For shame Seal. But while I feel I found the meat of the article back to superheroes…

Filter & the Crystal Method Cant You Trip Like I Do

We get both Filter & Crystal Method in a rather awesome colaboration that somehow got featured as the single for 1997’s Spawn film soundtrack. The music video seems to be doing its own thing for the most part with random scenes on how they’re being tested on because they’re f-cking insane or that’s my interpretation as they’re trippin’ on who knows what. All this while some random scenes of spawn spliced in which make absolutely no sense but I guess can kind of work as part of his trip since the whole video is rather random even if not as oddly out of place as the others since it does fit the context. Song is kick ass and XTREMEE enough to be highlighted in a movie about Spawn so it gets my approval.

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