Ozzy Osbourne’s Down To Earth made him relevant again

Ozzy Osbourne may have helped create Metal with Black Sabbath but his last solo album had come out in 1996 and newer generations did not necessarily know him anymore as the icon that he was so his long awaited return in 2001 actually did a lot for his career despite what some may think of the record. It wouldn’t surprise me if it actually helped raise interest in him to pitch The Osbournes show. When I first saw the music video of the first single I wondered who this Marilyn Manson rip-off was only to soon find out what a fool I was and got this record for Christmas since I liked the song so much and discovered both Ozzy and Black Sabbath because of it so let’s see just how down to earth this album really is.

OZZY OSBOURNE – “Gets Me Through” was the first single and music video the album had and my first exposure that I can think of of Ozzy, I didn’t just like the song I was also amazed by his ultra goth outfit he had and also all the rings he was wearing. I just knew I wanted a long ring just like the one he used to have not to mention how he just walked like a badass not caring as if they all respected him which he really was an icon returning I just didn’t know. The fact that he was older and was wearing crosses and singing his babes on random young girls just made me realize this was someone important well after the second time I saw the video since I originally just dismissed him as some bad Marilyn Manson rip off until the second listen made me appreciate the song. The music video is trippy enough and surprised how in HD you can see nnippes poking through, my newly teenager self couldn’t really notice that in SD but he would’ve appreciated it even more. The video is surely a bit cheesy but it’s odd enough that I can still think of it as somewhat sinister. The reverse Matrix Dracula move he does constantly is satisfying to watch and the song is still rockin’ to me to this day. I’d prefer the music video version of the song with the outro if it wasn’t for the exploding television that hurts my ears

We continue with Facing Hell is very melodic but the dark moody lyrics continue to set the mood and making the album enjoyable. OZZY OSBOURNE – “Dreamer” was the next single and music video and was able to reach a wider audience since it’s a softer song on piano with friendly lyrics. Even though it’s a radio friendly song I can’t hate it since it’s very positive and even eco-friendly so it hits the right notes for me and my hope for a better world. I don’t think I had ever seen the complete music video besides the scenes from the commercials on TV, we have a more traditional Ozzy singing in a Staind inspired acoustic like set but it works really well and I also like the winter theme since nothing more depressing than a cold winter after xmas and it’s all dead.

Back to a metal sound with No Easy Way Out with a depressing look at life that really spoke to my 14 year old angst ridden self and even my angst today. There’s a reference to Superman’s death so I wonder if this song was written during the time Superman died since it was such a big story that the most media covered it in the90s. That I Never Had is not as strong as the previous song but it’s still flows nice and has a nice part in the middle that makes up for it. You Know. ..(Part 1) even though there isn’t a part 2 is an acoustic song that just doesn’t do much for me but luckily it’s only a minute long and we get Junkie right after which is cute song about a drug addict who can’t overcome it; also the only song with a cuss word in the album earning it the Explicit Lyrics sticker which was a symbol of pride for many bands.

Running out of time is another softer song so I can see they really wanted to hit it big with a different audience, not as good as what the album has offered but the second part is still haunting which is fantastic. Black Illusion tries to go for a harder sound which this forum likes to mix it up which sort of works, it is a weak track but even reminds me of Static X album that came out after this at one point, at the very least the track is inoffensiveness if nothing more. Alive similarly is mostly inoffensive but not really much more than that. The album finishes with Can You Hear Them?
is a different type of song and while not a great song to finish the song it’s unique enough to make it memorable. The Japanese as always got a bonus track with No Place For Angels feels out of place in this album as it’s much heavier and while not bad it just doesn’t belong here, a lot more than normal bonus tracks.

ozzy osbourne down to earth casette tape cover cd

Great comeback album that tried something different from the usual Ozzy style and will forever be linked to playing GTA III which I also got for Xmas that same year and played the game and album at the same time. For more music articles click here. If you enjoyed the article or have any thoughts let me know by commenting below or by tweeting at me. You can also share the article or hit me up an email with your thoughts, it’s nice to hear from other fans.

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