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3 Summery music videos – Music Match V7

In today’s Music Match Volume 7 we have 3 summery music videos. Unlike the past Summer Music Matches which actually had summer music videos, these ones are not so much about summer or invoke the feeling but did originally air or were featured for the most part during the summer months which is why I associate them as “summery” even of not “summer” music videos.
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Music Match French

As I posted I’m trying to learn French over the next year. In honor of this this weeks Music Match features three music videos of songs in french, so you get to learn some new vocabulary and discover some new bands this week. I don’t normally post lyrics but as part of the learning process they’re there in French with the English translation.

Sophie Hunger – Le Vent nous portera

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Music Match V5 Nintendo

This week on Music Match, we’ll be doing something a little bit different and will feature songs related to Nintendo. I don’t really want this to become a thing but thought I’d do it today mainly because these songs were written before geek culture became cool and everyone and their mother wanted a piece of it. These songs have unique music videos and were written during a more innocent time of the internet. They’re great songs and not that easy to find and they really aren’t parodies either. Enjoy! Lyrics for all songs can be found at the bottom.

Saint Dragon – Nintendo

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