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Whatever happened to… Netflix’s The Magic School Bus 360° reboot

Sometimes things online seem to banish from people’s consciousness and no one but the very few can recall…and we just want to know what happened..

Netflix announced a new Magic School Bus cartoon back in June of 2014 produced by Scholastic Media. It was reported pretty much everywhere but ever since then there has been absolutely no news about it whatsoever. It was only ever mentioned that it would launch in 2016 and while the year is not over yet it doesn’t seem likely that it will launch this year as we’ve seen no promotional material or even interviews suggesting the show is still alive. Many shows have been announced and launched since which doesn’t help things but doing a little research shows that Netflix and Scholastic partnered with 9 Story Media Group and you can only read a little bit on Canadian websites but the only information besides that is that it’s apparently coming in the Fall of 2017, so we have a whole year to wait but apparently it’s not cancelled.

Not much is known about this except what was told 2 years ago in the press release which includes the name “The Magic School Bus 360°”, that it would be CG animated and planned to be 26 episodes. They put a lot of emphasis that it would be “modern” and focus a lot on technology which kids today enjoy, at least there’s a lot of emphasis on that in all the articles. From the concept art Ms. Frizzle looks very different and much younger, in fact maybe a little too young to be a teacher but Liz the pet lizard is still there and doesn’t stray too far from his design. The children we can see look nothing like the ones we know and totally different ones from the original cartoon/books. Apparently original show was always a hit on Netflix I watched it there earlier this year and it was pretty good for what it was, I may write about it later so let’s hope we get some information about this new show soon.

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