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Sometimes we hear news about something and as months and even years pass we never hear about these things again and you can’t find any updates besides the original news. I am here to investigate what happened.

Whatever happened to.. Goosebumps Gold ?

Goosebumps was a huge hit in the 90s but as the years went by the franchise started to slow down a bit and to re-energize it the original run ended and was immediately replaced by Goosebumps Series 2000 which sparked a bit more interest into the series though the trend of Goosebumps slowing down as their original target audience kept growing up. Still, Scholastic had no intention of letting go and they had planned for a new series to take over Series 2000 in October 2001 with Goosebumps Gold.

slappy goosebumps gold new year

R.L. Stine’s contract was ending and Scholastic was in a legal dispute over Goosebumps with Parachute Press, add to that the declining sales and the scheduled Goosebumps Gold series was cancelled and not seen again for a few years. But what exactly was Goosebumps Gold going to be like? Besides a few press releases what we mostly have to go by is the artwork of the first two books as well as the title for the third from Tim Jacobus’ website.
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Captain Planet The Movie (Dark Planet)1997

The internet has been talking about a Captain Planet movie for years and for some reason a live action movie was in production for a while which was announced a few years back but whatever happened to that? It kept going into development hell and almost cancelled. That was until recently Leonardo DiCaprio has apparently saved the project who has actually been active in the enviromental community for more than a few years now. Now if this project will actually amount to anything even with DiCaprio’s support we don’t know or if it’ll include Don Cheadle. But Captain Planet almost had an animated movie called Planet in the 90s.

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Whatever happened to… Netflix’s The Magic School Bus 360° reboot Rides Again

Sometimes things online seem to banish from people’s consciousness and no one but the very few can recall…and we just want to know what happened.. We’ve enjoyed the Magic School Bus Opening and the Live Action parodies but Whatever happened to The Magic School Bus 360 ?

Update: The show has been renamed The Magic School Bus Rides Again premiered September 29th 2017 on Netflix and here is the review of the first two seasons. For more information on the original Magic School Bus 360 take click here.

For the original research:
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