Friday the 13th & A Nightmare on Elm Street Remakes should’ve had sequels

The Friday the 13th and NIghtmare on Elm Street franchises are so intertwined by fans even if joined mostly because of the Easter eggs done only for fan service that you can’t have one without the other similar to Aliens vS Predator franchise. Both franchises died in the 90s only to come back int he 00’s for one final hoorah with Friday VS Jason which actually got a pretty banging soundtrack that could’ve fared much worse.

Both franchises got a reboot at the end of the 00’s wanting to revive the “it” factor of these franchises and make them popular again to mainstream audiences. They came out a year from each other but while both did fairly decent at the box office and even becoming some of the highest grossing movies of either franchise it wasn’t enough for them to get a sequel and stopped any future plans for either franchise after being panned by critics.

The A Nightmare on Elm Street remake takes the first movie but adds more of a backstory to Freddy Krueger making by giving him more of a backstory, this is something that they wanted to do for a while but as a prequel to the original movie series so they finally got to do that. You also get the original story with changes to make it interesting. Overall the mood is darker than all the original series including the first one as they wanted you to take Freddy as a serious threat instead of a fun character

The Friday the 13th remake also gives Jason more of a backstory but at the same time also combines the first 3 or 4 movies into one, this makes sense since the original movie didn’t even include Jason and the second didn’t have him with his iconic mask. It works as a nice introduction to the series and gives you everything you might expect from the franchise in one film making it an easier watch. You get to see Jason in his full glory even if this is re-starting the whole story line which is a plus.

Neither film is necessarily bad, the problem with them is they’re not doing anything particularly new and even while trying to perfect the original films they lose a bit of the charm. But that’s far from it, those characters might have flourished in the 80s and 90s but it’s hard to take them seriously anymore so this strategy of a normal Hollywood blockbuster of these classic villains just didn’t cut it out and it’s the reason these franchises have been dormant since, but like any good horror villain, you can’t keep horror franchises down before someone takes a jab at them.

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