MiscRave 101: Features

Here at MiscRave we have various articles with many recurring themes, which can be found as features. So if you like a specific post, below the title you’ll see that it has a category, by clicking it you’ll find more articles with that specific topic. Here are some descriptions to popular Features that we have.

Whatever happened to.. Every once in a while there are big news about upcoming things, we hear the announcement and it makes the rounds all over the internet and after that news go silent about it and no one talks about it anymore as if it had never happened and you can’t find any information about it making you question your sanity if it had ever happened. Sadly many things can happen to any sort of project but sites are not interested in reporting further updates unless it’s finished so in this feature of the site we like to research and see exactly what happened to those things we were looking forward to as sometimes things are quietly cancelled, delayed or evolve into other things but it’s nice to get some updates on things.

Forgotten Franchise.. Here we talk a little bit about a franchise that seems all but forgotten to time but some of us haven’t forgotten.

Continuity on Infinite Earths Analyzing continuity, timelines, inconsistencies and retcons while still trying to make sense of how things fit.

FVN News Fictional Verse News. Get your latest in universe news network where fiction is real.

History of.. We take a brief stroll through someone’s or something’s history in a retrospective

Hype-Train Pre-Hype: The excitement over something that can happen
Hype: The unchecked immediate emotions you feel over something.
Post-Hype: After the announcement opinions may change.

Listen Back.. Reviewing, listening to older music and even newer albums, music videos or anything music related but mainly just talking about why these songs were important/impactful and why we should listen to them.

MusicAnything related to music/recommendations.

Looking back on.. Why are these shows, movies, cartoons or videos important or amusing, reviews/retrospectives.

Miscellaneous Unrelated posts with no certain theme to be included in another category and can be just thoughts to totally random things.

Miscrave Media Podcasts or Miscrave videos

Rave A more random or energetic version of Miscellaneous.

Secret Movie Here we take old video game or other video footage and try to enjoy it as a “hidden” or forgotten film/movie of said franchise as something extra to watch when there’s nothing new there’s always these hidden gems that explore the franchises that you love

Site Not really features but this category will give you updates on the site in general.

Speaking up When things need to be heard and need to be openly discussed.

The problem with.. Discussing the different problems on social aspects or even anything that has issues like products.

The time I.. I get on ummm adventures and it’s nice to have an open journal on them.

Video Classic A video classic is a video that remained on my mind for whatever reason or maybe a new video I really enjoyed and needs to be archived in some way.





As new features are added they’ll be updated here.

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