nü-MiscRave update

We haven’t had an update post in a long time, mostly since I preferred to give updates on the home page and that will continue to be how it is for the time being but this one is a little bit bigger so it deserved its own post. Basically after months of under construction nü MiscRave is finally here chugging along slowly like in the Web 1.0 days. As of right now most things are working except for the featured images which all old posts are broken sadly and it’ll be a mess to fix so it might take a while as I’ll have to do it on a post by post basis.

The other sections of the site will also be updated and given a brand new facelift to make it more “llamativo”, over the coming weeks so don’t be surprised if you see a totally different home page or weird changes overall as I’m playing around to see what I like and I like to do it live. The podcast will continue in its current format as well as any other recurring themes we have so far like French Friday and we’ll likely see the birth of a Spanish section as well. I’m also seeing the possibility of doing something with a discord channel and #1dietonight.

Luigi Kawasaki

social hermit

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