Miscrave Digital Culture Podcast Episode 101

The Digital Culture podcast returns with episode 101 where I talk a little about the show and where it’s going to go from now on. Expect it weekly with new episodes every Wednesday. Check it out.

Length ~ 4 minutes

Hello phreaks and welcome to the Miscrave: Digiculture podcast I am your
host sdp!
Excuse the background noise I’m not recording in the most optimal
conditions but I will fix it in the upcoming weeks. The point is
to finally have this show on the air which for various reasons it had
to take a long hiatus so let’s take this time to talk about what
the show is all about. and that is that

There isn’t enough representation of digital culture of kids who grew up
in the beginning of the internet and saw it
evolve -as right now it’s mostly represented by the older generation.
I’m not saying there aren’t young people doing podcasts, there’s more than
enough out there but we are not being represented yet.
This show isn’t about gaming, geek culture, tech or politics but a
broader spectrum which is that we were raised by the internet
and we have our own view of the world and can see a bigger picture
than normal people who only use the internet as a device for entertainment
or just a simple tool instead of everything it represents like all the
knowledge of the world and communities.
Culture is a very general term that can cover pretty much anything
so in this podcast we can cover anything related with our culture which
can include anything from technology which we love since it’s always been
a part of our lives to entertainment like shows or games but we’re not
children so we like to analyze industries or the reasons why choices are
made and whether you want to or not politics plays a hand on everything you
do in life so that’s also fair game but we don’t align ourselves to one
political idea since we’re so much more than that and we like to analyze
issues that affect us all not push an agenda.

That’s also what the website Miscrave is all about and while it’s new it
has always existed in one way or another. I’ll tell you a little about
myself, I’m an economics major, I loved and grew up in the 90s which
influences most of my likes and dislikes when it comes to entertainment
and I’ve spent countless hours online since I was a kid enjoying different
communities over the years and that’s what I want to represent here.
I’ll be your host….Now One big problem I always had with the show was
I couldn’t get someone else who I liked to commit to it so I will be hosting
the show every week but I’ll be having guests and even re-curring hosts as
their time permits and we’ll have all kinds of different discussions that
will range wildly in topics but will keep them interesting.

Again I apologize for the lower quality of the recording but I’ll continue
working on making it better.
That’s it for today, we hope you come back and listen
next week and make sure to follow me on twitter @0sdp and
visit miscrave.com for daily digiculture

Luigi Kawasaki

social hermit

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