New Years miscrave Site Resolutions

We began a new year and with it come resolutions and here I’ll let you know what you can expect from miscrave this year of 2017. First of all we try to have new posts everyday but it’s not always possible, time being the biggest issue and sometimes lack of inspiration which I prefer not to post anything than post for the sake of posting. But I think 5 posts per week shouldn’t be a problem and I’ll be aiming for the whole week having posts, in the worst case scenario you can count at least some type of post a week if things get dire, I do have work/school/life to deal with. The podcast should also continue every week on Wednesdays. The site will continue to be worked on and improved so any suggestions are welcome so make sure to contact if you have anything you want to let us know. There will also be a youtube channel to complement miscrave later this year.

Last year I tried to write about different things and not focus but that made it very difficult to do as if I’m in the mood for one thing I tend to want to write a lot about specific things at specific moments but just because I write a lot about one topic doesn’t mean the whole site is dedicated to only one thing which is what I wanted to avoid so just be aware that I may write about a similar topic but 4 articles about The Muppet Babies doesn’t mean this is a Muppets site nor politics of whatever it may be since this year I won’t restrict myself. Expect more political analysis as well as calculated speculation for what I expect in the future in various industries. I’ll be posting a lot more video classics which is a way to organize great videos that get lost on the internet and to have a way to archive them. We’ll also see more features like The Problem with.., whatever happened to.., reviews of shows/movies/music and what you’re used to seeing.

Luigi Kawasaki

social hermit

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