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Mokèlé-mbèmbé the Cryptoid Loch Ness Monster from Africa that is supposed to exist is not that famous but has always made my imagination run wild. I was able to find two movies that dealt with this creature from the Congo that were released nearly 30 years apart but not quite like a clean release gap like with Dinosaur Island. So let’s take a quick look at them and see if they’re worth your time if you want some dinosaur movie action.

The Dinosaur Project

Released in 2012, this movie deals with the myth of Mokele-mbembe but only very vaguely as it’s only the reason they go to this place and it’s mentioned when they think they found him but besides that the actual creature takes a backseat to a generic “lost world” story.

It’s a Brittish film and I remember being shocked by the release since i had heard nothing about it but saw a random poster at the theater and couldn’t believe how I had missed a dinosaur movie that was going to premier soon. The movie doesn’t seem to know how it wanted to market itself as we got 3 very different posters even if all of them are good in their own right.

The movie is a “cam” found footage film a la The Blair Witch Project which has been plenty of times since but it works here since I hadn’t seen it done in a dinosaur film even if it’s a bit too shaky. The CG is serviceable and we do get to see the Dinosaurs in a few scenes. I especially love the small dilophosaurus that get cameras attached to them. Awesome to see an adult Dilophosaurus later in the film, all with their Jurassic Park made up crest.

The actual movie is a bit boring since there isn’t much plot and later it becomes a bit hokey when they try to add more drama later on. They seemed to have a good concept but didn’t think too much of the plot which is a shame. Still, it was nice to have a dinosaur movie during that uncertain time before Jurassic World was even a thing. hmm.. Those cameras must’ve had a lot of battery to survive all the constant footage being taken.

Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend

Released in 1985, this movie actually deals with the legendar Mokele Mbembe as we see a scientist and some explorers discover the hiding place of the living legend which is basically a Barosaurus or Brachiosaurus that somehow survived all this time.

The film reeks of the 80s but I mean that in a good way as it has all of that 80s charm that many kids movies from that time. So even if it was aiming for a younger audience, there are many hardcore scenes that make you feel depressed. It’s also fairly violent and even unhooking a bra.

The Dinosaurs are definitely dated and don’t look anywhere realistic but they’re fine and still look better than other pre-Jurassic Park movies. I don’t know why but they still have a certain charm and better than some porr CG fest of dinosaurs that aren’t necessarily better.

The movie is not action packed and can get a while to get running and even then it’s not greatly entertaining but that’s more of the era that it was released than anything else. I didn’t I never got to see this as a little kid but I think I would’ve liked it and given it some affinity.

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