Dinosaur Island 2014 & 1994 Same Title Two Decades, 2 Different Movies

We have two movies called Dinosaur Island and they were released exactly 20 years apart, both were lower budget films with a limited release but since there really aren’t that many dinosaur movies out there, let’s take a look at how they are and if either of them is worth watching and just how much those two decades changed brought us two very different films.

Dinosaur Island 2014

This film is basically a fantasy film that takes the route of The Lost World were there is an island full of dinosaurs that time forgot and similar to X-Men’s Savage land or Turok’s Lost Valley, time doesn’t matter here and anything from any era past, present or future collide. This movie seems to get a bad rap and that it’s bad but it’s basically a movie for kids. It’s indeed a little on the boring side but it’s cute and I think if we weren’t jaded adults we would have enjoyed it if we were kids.

This is an Australian film and it’s nice to hear a different type of accents and maybe because of it the whole movie feels a bit refreshing. My favorite character is a Sinornithosaurus named Mimos who acts like a parrot, it’s a cute dinosaur that is kept as a pet. The CG is not amazing but I think it’s serviceable.

This movie was mostly famous for introducing a feathered T-Rex in film and he looks awesome even if he may not have had feathers. The dinosaurs in the film are also very colorful, which many experts agree they could be but they went over board with many bright neon like colors, really outfitted for a Rave and seem like they came from Dinosaur King.

Dinosaur Island 1994

This film is the opposite of a kids one as it’s a explotation B-Movie and also they find an Island full of dinosaurs but here there is a women’s only tribe of Amazons. The movie is also not considered a great movie and I can’t say it’s amazing either but I will say that there was enough stuff there that amused me through out it and I’m not a big fan of B-Movies nor softcore.

Army men are stuck in an island and have to kill the big beast which is a dinosaur that is given virgins for sacrifice. The solution is to have sex with the Amazons, so yeah you’ll see plenty of tops off during the movie which help the generic plot and lack of events during it.

The dinosaurs are pretty horrible and cheap, especially because it was 1994 and they could’ve done a lot better. One of my favorite parts of the movie is when two of the Amazons are fighting for leadership and one of them uses a boob attack which is just out of nowhere.

Neither film is a must watch and yet if you’re in a dinosaur mood and want to see some dino-action while surfing the web then they can be worth your time, you just can’t expect much from them and enjoy the few things they do well in these flawed movies.


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