Bruce Lee vs Jackie Chan in movies

Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan re without a doubt two of the best martial artists that have ever been on film. Sadly Bruce Lee passed away in his prime and we never got to see mroe of what he could offer. This meant that we would never get to see them interact in a movie together; Well they did in the movie Enter The Dragon, where Jackie is just a grunt who gets beat up in a second but this was before Jackie Chan was known.

Until now it has always been a dream match we never got to see but thanks to CG animation we can have the closest interpretation yet. I don’t know how I found this video but it features a CG Bruce Lee and a CG young Jackie Chan. So we get both athletes in their prime and it’s really well done, you can obviously tell they’re CG but they were able to animate their fighting styles near perfect and even feature their well known facial expressions and it’s worth a watch. Amazing how it looks when you take into account that this wasn’t Lucasfilm with a huge budget for Tarkin and Leia.

Jackie Chan has always been very humble and he is often asked about Bruce Lee and he without hesitation mentions how he would’ve lost against him. But still it would’ve been great to see. And in another universe where Bruce Lee did not die then maybe Jackie Chan wouldn’t have risen to fame as there wouldn’t have been a vaccuum for a new martial arts superstar. That dream match might just have been impossible in that timeline as well.

Luigi Kawasaki

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