Miscrave Digiculture Podcast episode 117 Star Wars The Last Jedi & Society

In today’s Episode of the new Miscrave Digiculture Podcast I talk about the new format of the show and Star Wars The Last Jedi cultural backlash it has gotten from both sides of the political spectrum. Listen below or download here.

The itunes/stitcher feed should be up during the week hopefully and as you can see the show is much better produced and it will be from now on. All the previous problems from the past shows have been fixed and I’ll leave them there for archival purposes. The show from now on will take a different approach as it will deal more with the social and political aspects of media as well as business decisions of media enterprises and companies and to answer questions as to why. The content will be a bit different in nature to what you usually find on the main website. I hope you enjoy the new format and you can ask any questions at [email protected]

Luigi Kawasaki

social hermit

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