The Problem With Star Wars The Last Jedi and its implications

I have not been a fan of Disney’s Star Wars with their annual releases and their movies but I’m a big Star Wars fan and hoped the sequel trilogy would be great, The Force Awakens didn’t set my world on fire but The Last Jedi doubles down on what made The Force Awakens bad, so here is the problem with The Last Jedi, no spoilers.

I’m sad to say that I didn’t like the film, it makes me wonder if the reviews shill for the brand or they are just that hypnotized the marketing? Best movie since Empire Strikes Back? This could be the weakest movie of them all.

The Good:
Every scene with Luke Skywalker is awesome, every single one, is it the best Luke Skywalker movie as I read somewhere? Noo, but he did give the movie a lot of life. The training was a bit by the numbers but it worked and I feel they handled the character well during the whole movie.

The Rey/Kylo relationship was actually compelling, I actually cared about Kylo Ren who I hated in Episode VII. Rey is still a Mary Sue but she was interesting enough like in The Force Awakens. They kind of dropped the ball at the end with both of them though, but at least there’s something besides the nostalgia from Luke that makes the movie interesting.

The Bad:

The whole movie drags, especially the beginning, and even near the third act when things begin happening it starts to drag again. It’s so boring, this will make it very hard to re-watch, especially since I already know the “twists”. I think even VII being a rehash will be more rewatchable than this one.

Captain Phasma is treated as well as she was in Episode VII. Finn, one of my favorite characters from The Force Awakens was not written well in this movie, they kind of ruined him actually. All the new characters sucked and they ended up ruining the good new characters from the last movie. Even Chewbacca was a shadow of his Force Awakens self. Leia sucked, she’s not that much different from Episode VII so you know what to expect.

Too much comedy? Maybe but that’s far from the movies problems. We still don’t know who the heck is the first order or what the resistance is. And somehow the resistance is now a rebellion and the first order is now almost in complete control of the galaxy? I don’t know what’s going on except that it really went back to the status quo of Episode IV, some fans tried to justify that VII had a different relationship between the factions but no, this movie confirms it’s the status quo of the Original Trilogy.

They drip fed us through out this long boring movie tidbits of information that should’ve been explained since TFA, and still it didn’t really answer many questions. It’s a bad movie that only lives by the “twists” it does, but if you take those away you are left with the only two good points I mentioned.

It’s a bit depressing but I just don’t like this new trilogy, there’s literally nothing that IX could do to fix the damage done by VII and VIII. I can only hope any future Star Wars movies/projects are different but counting everyone is eating it up like they’re great movies I’m not counting on it when people say “It’s literally better than the ESB”

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