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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles SDCC Shorts

In SDCC 2016 many people expected that the sixth season of the CG Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles would get announced as it had been in years past but instead what we got was three different shorts released by Nick. These TMNT shorts were unrelated to the at the time on going 2012 show and were its own thing, each doing its own thing and most importantly doing its own thing without having to worry about any baggage or restrictions. Each short is around 6 minutes long and as mentioned so different you may like one and not the other so let’s check out these three forgotten TMNT universes.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ‘Turtles Take Time (and Space)’ by Brandon Auman

This TMNT short is easily the best and gives us the TMNT show I wanted from Nickelodeon when they bought the franchise. It’s lighthearted but also has plenty of action and I absolutely love the designs of the turtles. In the short time they use the time scepter from the third movie and even reference the Turtles in Time video game. The ending is just the icing in the cake featuring a crossover with the original cartoon turtles. I wish there a show based on these designs could be made but alas it was not meant to be.
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Rampant Speculation.. Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation Season 2

I talked about Saban’s live action TMNT show, Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation and even went over every episode. Sadly the show only had one season, though it’s listed in some places as it having two for some reason. Apparently the only reason it was cancelled was because of licensing/money issues and not ratings. Saban wanted to cut costs and this was one of the more expensive shows that he had going on. Searching online I found that April O’Neil and Casey Jones would have appeared on a second season, also there were talks and even concept art that they tried to continue the show and changing it from live action to animated.

Regardless of what is actually true or not since information on this show is rather lacking and the above that I found didn’t have the best sources. So who knows what would have happened if a second season had happened, the show had tons of potential and like other Saban’s shows it could’ve gotten better over time. So why don’t we take a look at everything this show had to offer and the potential that it had for other seasons in general and the characters. And not only that, it’s also a review of how most of the original characters for the show had tons of potential and they should not be ignored, instead they should be used in new TMNT media to their full potential.
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Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation Episode Reviews 2/2

We had a general review of Saban’s Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation, the live action TMNT show at the end of the 90s which was meant to be seen as a sequel to the live action movies. As you’ll see the show has its flaws but it has plenty of redeeming features and needs a little more positivity online so here are Episode reviews / overviews of the 26 episode season we got, including the special crossover.

East Meets West (5 part pilot “movie”) – Change the script a little bit and give it a higher budget and this could have been the fourth Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles live action movie in the 90s. Yeah it wouldn’t necessarily been a classic like the first but I would have liked it as a kid and it would have been among the same quality of the two sequels since it doesn’t stray too far from the sequels in tone.
You have Shredder as the villain, they slowly introduce Venus and defeat the Shredder. Then the new villain the Dragonlord who is also introduced pretty well they are defeated at first but in the end they defeat him. The final battle would have to be a bit more epic since its a bit anti-climatic here (with a reason since he’d be the villain in the series). Pretty good way to start the show though it does feature most of the shows complains.
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Looking back on.. Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation Review 1/2

Saban’s Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation; The most hated thing in all TMNT and it can only be used to be joked about. As a kid I never got to see THe Next Mutation, however I always wanted to see it. I loved the idea of the turtles being older and thought the idea of a female turtle was awesome, not to mention the Dragonlord looked awesome. My only exposure to the show was the Power Rangers team-up, but still I didn’t think the show would be that bad. And is it? no its not, It’s actually pretty decent, yeah it has its silly moments but also has some cool ones and tons of untapped potential. That’s the short version, I decided to divide my post in three parts since it was too long for one post. First overall review of the show, then the episode reviews and third the potential that a second season had.

The Turtles personalities are about the same from the movie, in fact the show is done as a continuations to the live action movies, no contradictions like some people say. Splinter seems off scale, I don’t know why that is if you notice he seems to be in scale with the other turtles media but here he just looks too tall; I think it’s the fact that the Live Action movies always portrayed Splinter as much smaller. The turtles personalities are the same as their movie counterparts which is good.
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