Ace The Duck is the Ninja Turtles Greatest Ally and will Rise with the TMNT

I love Ace Duck, after the turtles and Shredder he is the figure I wanted. He was always the turtles favorite ally when I played with them. I love his designs, now his design doesn’t really work for other incarnations of the turtles but fits perfectly in the Original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon. He isn’t a terrible character either, he could be made into something cool.

The original Fred Wolf cartoon didn’t use him because when the toy came out they were in that “no mutants” phase where we rarely got any mutants, so the fact that he got a cameo says a lot about his popularity at the time I think. When the show finally got around to doing mutants every other week, his toy was no longer sold so he lost his chance. Archie just did weird things with characters, I doubt they thought about ridiculing him, in fact they tried to use him somehow in their weird space storyline and it was the best they thought for him at the time. The Nick show making fun of him is well, Ace Duck is a product of its time it sounds silly on paper but he could be redesigned to fit the universe if they really tried, then again the Nick show has far more ridiculous things that them making fun of Ace Duck is like pot calling the kettle black.

Look at this Mother F-cker right here. THAT is ACE effing Duck..…7/DSC08767.jpg
Not afraid to wield a gun, and a handful of granades. He is after all a mercenary, all while looking like a true pro with his leather jacket to let people know he is an ace pilot. Those wings aren’t just for show either, he can fly as well as he could a plane.

Now, let’s take a look at his origin, after Krang has basically made ducks extinct in Dimension X, he decides to beam one from earth since his hunger is not satisfied until he gets exactly what he wants. Ace Conrad, badass test pilot was about to be given the promotion he deserved based on his amazing skills, and on his last run he is never heard of again. That’s because he fused with the duck and became ACE DUCK. He ends up in the turtles lair. He now decides to use his new body and badass skills to become a mercenary. He won’t take jobs that hurt innocent people though and will usually end up teaming up with the turtles, as long as he’s paid.

He was considered too violent by network standards of its time so the OT crew had to reduce his role in the show, in this version instead of being a gun for hire, he decides to act and becomes a famous tv/movie star. Despite being a mutant and all the prejudices. Like at everything, he becomes a top actor in record time.

What about Archie? A joke you say? Look at that badass over there, all beefed up and ready to fight. In here he is an intergalactic wrestler who has won all the top titles of the GALAXY and defended them against creatures all over the turtles multiverse, you have to remember Cudley the cowlick brings the top contenders from the multiverse, not even the Battle Nexus can compare, that sh-t is like the little leagues compared to it. In just one panel he quickly manhandles Leatherhead as if he were nothing. This ain’t no WWE/UFC sh-t, he would make Lesnar tap out in seconds.

Since Playmates or any toy company could not handle making a new Ace Duck figure that would be accurate at all, You’ll find only customs which you’ll find plenty of can attempt to replicate a glimpse of him in plastic form.

Ace Duck’s legacy continues to live on through fans hearts, with constant fanfics and art, since not even the gritty Mirage universe would be able to handle him.

Nick’s Shredder was a fool not to attempt at getting his version of Ace Duck, then again what more can we expect from him, he can have fun with spyderbytes or whatever Jar Jar Binks knock off he chooses instead.

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