Rick and Morty Special / Extra Episodes Vol 2

Rick and Morty might be the best Back to the Future inspired thing that has ever come out and we know that because of the origin of the show. Before the show was made it started as a Back to the Future parody and it evolved from there. The show also took a lot of inspiration from Justin Roiland’s other animated shorts. I guess technically all these shorts are in continuity with the actual show since there are an infinite number of possibilities in the Rick and Morty universe.

Last time I compiled pretty much all the “extra” Rick and Morty shorts or clips from commercials and what not that the show had. To better unerstand where some of the jokes came from here are almost all the previous shorts that Roiland worked on before Rick and Morty including The Real Animated Adventures of Doc and Mharti which ended up being a sort of pilot to the show. But we also see concepts for Dog World and ideas or characters that eventually made it to the show like with House of Cosbys or Mr. Jelly Bean. The quality varies within the shorts and it’s not the best work but you can see where the humor began being constructed after.

Roiland TV – Dog World

Unbelievable Tales
Mr. Jelly Bean rape jelly bean

Roiland TV – Relative Insanity Short #1

Relative Insanity 2

Paloni Pitch

The Unmarketables

Gatorade Commercial


Doc and Mharti Lost Episode – The Origin of Rick & Morty

House of Cosbys

Luigi Kawasaki

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