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I think a Super Mario has been one of the first video games most people have played whether it was on the original NES or even with the latest Nintendo console. No matter what I always preferred Mario over the likes of Mickey Mouse who apparently Mario is more recongnizable among kids than Mickey and this has been true for many decades. Here you can find a tribute to our favorite Italian Plumber with all articles written about him

Mario Media:

Super Mario Bros The Movie 1993 is CyberPunk heaven

The Super Mario Bros Cartoon Trilogy

Secret Movie.. Hotel Mario

Super Mario World OVA Mario To Yoshi No Bouken Land


Mario Games:

6 Mario Outfits Missing in Super Mario Oddyssey

The Problem With.. Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run: Yay or Nay?


Learn French with Super Mario

Rawest Forest: Super Mario RPG tribute and sequel song

Super Mario History Mobile Tribute

Shigeru Miyamoto and The Roots perform the Super Mario Bros. Theme

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