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Some quick site updates since I thought it’d be nice to let people know what’s going on with the site. If you’ve noticed we’ve had Power Rangers posts every Thursday since we’re on the hype train to the new Power Rangers movie; I guess we can call it Morphin’ Thursday’s. They’ll continue at least until the movie is out. Similarly since Wrestlemania is also soon so as we started last week we’ll have “Wrestling Weekends” until Wrestlemania XXXII.

As you’ve seen the articles are now on https://miscrave.com/articles instead of the home page and the home page doesn’t have much now but it’ll be fixed in the coming months. A new logo should debut next month as well and some smaller site tweaks. The Miscrave Podcast continues every Wednesday and the audio quality will be a lot better in 3 weeks or so since that’s when the new microphone will arrive and I’ll be using a new editing software for it. You can comment or email me any suggestions or questions you may have. [email protected]

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