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Power Rangers Power Up Video Challenge: RPM & Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers team-up

In 2010 instead of getting a new season of Power Rangers that followed up on Power Rangers RPM we got a “Re-version” of Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. At this point Disney wanted to get rid of Power Rangers but they still had some contractual obligations for another show and Bandai wanted to make more toys and that’s the reason we got MMPRv2. During this time Bandai decided to make a contest called “Power Up Video Challenge” where you were supposed to finish off the following team up between Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Power Rangers RPM:

Now while it’s only a 2 minute stop motion video made with toys it was indeed official and I like to think of it as it taking place in the show, we just never got to see it. The website which is now long gone had the finalists and the winner sadly all of these videos are now lost forever. It wasn’t a huge loss however since the contest was for kids 13 or under and in none of the finalists did it seem that they got too much help from their parents so they weren’t exactly the best videos you can imagine.

The interesting part of the 2 minute video that Bandai made which is actually professional is the cheesyness actually seems to fit Power Rangers perfectly. We get to see a few things that are staples of Power Rangers but we never got to see such as the battlizers and the aforementioned team up with Mighty Morphin.

We also get to see that the morphin grid is a physical thing and it’s just cool to know that somehow we know that they can Deus ex Machina the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers into any future season through this awesomely convoluted explanation. I expect to be 90 years old and see a badly dubbed Jason in suit in whatever current Power Rangers show is airing at that time.

Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation Episode Reviews 2/2

We had a general review of Saban’s Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation, the live action TMNT show at the end of the 90s which was meant to be seen as a sequel to the live action movies. As you’ll see the show has its flaws but it has plenty of redeeming features and needs a little more positivity online so here are Episode reviews / overviews of the 26 episode season we got, including the special crossover.

East Meets West (5 part pilot “movie”) – Change the script a little bit and give it a higher budget and this could have been the fourth Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles live action movie in the 90s. Yeah it wouldn’t necessarily been a classic like the first but I would have liked it as a kid and it would have been among the same quality of the two sequels since it doesn’t stray too far from the sequels in tone.
You have Shredder as the villain, they slowly introduce Venus and defeat the Shredder. Then the new villain the Dragonlord who is also introduced pretty well they are defeated at first but in the end they defeat him. The final battle would have to be a bit more epic since its a bit anti-climatic here (with a reason since he’d be the villain in the series). Pretty good way to start the show though it does feature most of the shows complains.
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Is it finally cool to like Power Rangers?

A new Power Rangers movie came out and with its release I saw many things leading up to it and even after the movie and that was media attention that the franchise hadn’t had since the fad of Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers back in the early 90s. Article after article in both mainstream geek culture oriented sites to main stream media outlets which just hasn’t been the case since the birth of the franchise. So I asked myself if it was cool to like Power Rangers again.

Like most kids I grew out of Power Rangers after Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers but unlike most it became impossible for me to watch the later seasons. Trust me, if I’d had the chance I would’ve forced myself to like it no matter how far they strayed from the original formula since I was so invested in the heroes. But the forced exile on the franchise might’ve been good since it left me to enjoy other things and wonder what was happening in the Ranger universe all these years. It wasn’t until one day in the mid 00’s I was channel surfing and I found Power Rangers S.P.D. on the Disney Channel and I decided to check out what Power Rangers was doing now. I began to laugh at how stupid it was and how much they had ruined the original formula. I mean police rangers? What were they thinking? But by the end of the episode I was a bit surprised that, “Oh, snap!”. I had actually liked it and decided to check it out.
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Remembering.. A message from the Power Rangers

Public Service Announcements were a common thing in the 80’s and even early 90’s but these PSA’s kind of stopped after that. Whether they were done to fit some type of educational message in the show or just because everyone was doing it is beside the point, there were plenty of shows doing it and Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers with its already controversial fighting thought it was the right move to have them. Unlike a lot of PSA’s, the “Now a message from the Power Rangers were actually packaged for international syndication giving fans around the world the chance to learn some common sense.

You would actually look forward to these since you knew after the show had finished you’d at least get some extra ranger content and hearing Jason’s voice telling you they had a message for you, you had no other thing to do than sit down and listen. There were only about a dozen or so of them so they would repeat often but you were fine with that.
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Looking Back on.. Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers the Movie Review

We finally got a new Power Rangers movie after decades waiting, I had been wanting one since I got back into the franchise back in 2005. I knew there was too much money to be made based on nostalgia alone for it not to happen but it sure took a long time but like a fine wine, nostalgia needs some time to reach its peak point. Sadly the movie doesn’t really feel like the remake of Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers movie we all wanted but a totally different re-imagining that feels alien and out of touch. Luckily we had already gotten the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Movie we deserved as children.

Besides Santa Claus I can’t remember looking forward to anything as bad as I was for the Power Rangers movie. That poster filled my imagination with ideas of who that pig was and just how epic the battle was going to be. Hell the movie poster spoiled the return of Rita Repulsa on the show for me as I knew she had to be back in time for the movie. Everything I saw about the movie was awesome from the new suits the villains and Power Rangers had. Finally they looked like the Batman live-action movies and not spandex wearing heroes. There was no way they could mess it up.
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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers the Movie vs Season 3 continuity

The Power Rangers were getting a movie, I was quick to let my parents know that I was going to be there on release to see it. The poster intrigued me as I did not know who that pig monster was, surely he would be introduced in an episode that I hadn’t seen. Eventually the movie came out and I watched it and saw the origins of the new powers and I was delighted, it was everything I could ask for.

At a later time I see some previews for the newest season of Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers and I see the zords and Ninja motif that we had been introduced to in the movie and I grow in excitement to see what’s going on. I watch the first episodes of the season and something is going horribly wrong, they are re-telling the story of the movie and contradicting everything I had just seen a few months before..was it no longer in continuity?
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Perfect Body: A Power Rangers Movie

Kimberly Hart, the Pink Power Ranger in Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers played by Amy Jo Johnson isn’t just the most iconic pink ranger and still beloved today but she was also many boys’ first crush. Definitely mine. What if I told you that she had an unauthorized spin-off film?

That’s right, in 1997 we saw the release of a drama TV movie about eating disorders on NBC and later aired on ABC family (which aired Power Rangers) and Lifetime (where I saw it) played by AJJ. So what does this have to do with Power Rangers?
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