The Savage Dragon cartoon is indie Cop X-Men

I’ve never been interested in Savage Dragon but I’ve pretty much checked out all other indie comics animated shows and he has crossed over with the TMNT a few times so why not check what this guy is all about through his 90s cartoon?

The animated show is short with only two 13 episode seasons making a total of 26 episodes but that’s still more than other indie superhero animated shows. The difference between Season 1 and 2 is really big and mirrors the Marvel Animated Universe’s Fantastic Four and Iron Man cartoons. The first season is very light hearted and episodic. I guess you could call it like an X-Men lite cartoon following the life of a cop mutant. As far as a cast Savage Dragon has a nice partner who he gets to interact with named Alex Wilde.

They introduce a character named She-Dragon and she is an ok character even if her name and design reek of She-Hulk. The main big baddie Overlord is just terrible and basically all of Season 1 is just terrible. A few mutants are creepy and cool like the shark with two faces, Mako the Shark and a weird scientist guy but there isn’t much here to redeem it.

Season 2 is so much better and actually bad ass, I’m still not a fan of the concept of it basically being X-Men rip off but its much more enjoyable even if it isn’t anything groundbreaking. A lot of mutants are really weird looking and just look like they were digging at the bottom of the barrel to think of something to draw and have The Dragon fight.

I did like the barbaric red guy, and the thor type guy and the hoard insects but I can’t even recall their names though that Spider-Man with no powers superhero was cool as well. The animation improves a lot in the second season of the show and this season does have some good episodes including the finale which is nice since Overlord is destroyed though they do the whole “no body is seen” route.

However even with the quality bump it is not that good and the plots are usually the same.. bad guys that get caught and appear later as if nothing happened. Weird show, check it out.


Luigi Kawasaki

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