Miscrave on twitter and Pokemon codes

Miscrave has a twitter account and it’s @miscrave you can also follow me in my own account @0sdp

I’ll be giving away a Mew code and later a Darkrai code, if you remember correctly Nintendo and The Pokemon Company decided to give away Legendary Pokemon pretty much every month this year through online events but possibly the most popular ones were instead made exclusive to Gamestop and other stores around the world. Problem was many countries weren’t a part of this deal which meant they got screwed and the cards were known to run out since some jerk could get them all from one store and sell them on ebay. Even though there were some ways to get the code online, they still listened and eventually gave Mew and now Darkrai through email so if they do this with Arceus as well I’ll have a code for them to give away. Likely a first come first serve basis so you have to be quick.

Edit: I may stop using the Miscrave account in the future so make sure to follow me on my main account for all miscrave related stuff.

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