MiscRave 2018 Updates

Welcome 2018, I didn’t have a 2017 in review or 2018 predictions since life got a bit on the way but here is an update on what to expect for the coming year. Last year I promised to update the site at least 3 times a week and I ended up updating it daily for almost the whole year only missing about a dozen days or so.

This time I want to keep updating about 3 times a week or more, but I last year I just felt the pressure to update daily and I won’t anymore. I’ll try to make as many posts as I can but also keeping a higher quality to them. I will continue with French Fridays and Music Match. The Digiculture podcast will finish in a few months but I’ll start a new one to take its place. We’ll also continue different traditions like Wrestling Weekends as we get closer to Wrestlemania, TokuThursdays will come back in a bit and Jurassic June as well. Counting we get a new Jurassic World movie this year, I was thinking of leading up to it by reviewing all kinds of Jurassic Park / Dinosaur content but that will be another post. And a TMNT week should come out soon as well.

In general the look of the site is going to be changing this month, so I’ll be playing around with the options I have, so if you see the site changing a lot one day you’re browsing that’s perfectly ok, I’ll just be tweaking the site as it’s still live, I don’t want to take it off lin just for that. I’ll also be archiving all of the content for easier access. I’m thinking of re-opening the forum but unsure about that, it was difficult to keep all the spam off of it and it was taking too much bandwidth.

Any suggestions or comments just post them here, twitter or email me.

Luigi Kawasaki

social hermit

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