MiscRave 5th anniversary, 5 years ravin’ !

Today marks the 5th anniversary of MiscRave, we don’t normally make birthday posts besides the first anniversary one but five years is a lot and more than most sites can manage, I know because I’ve had plenty of sites before. Like all sites we’ve had our downtimes with less posts and our uptimes with daily posts but overall we’ve almost always kept at least one post per week. The quality of posts has varied but in general if it is not worth publishing I prefer not to post anything as I favor evergreen content that is always relevant and not articles that will be dated. And I stick by that, still updating old posts to keep them current, and relevant since it’s meant to be an archive of articles instead of news that become irrelevant. As of today every article has been updated to 2021 to keep them from being irrelevant.

With that said we’re celebrating MiscRave’s birthday with a few posts, one detailing a little the history of the site that goes back to when I was a kid in 1999. We are also taking a look at the different logos and banners that we have used in the beginning, as you can see from the first post the site ever had, things were a little rushed during the launch of miscrave but I just wanted to get it out or it wouldn’t happen so we had humble beginnings and we’ve had a variety of evolving logos since then. Of course both of these articles will continue to be expanded even after they’re published as mentioned above to keep them up to date even if you’re reading them 5 years from now with the info that happened later.

Since we’re taking a look at MiscRave’s history, I thought it was important to also celebrate that and some articles have been taken from earlier incarnations of the site as recycled content that I didn’t want to be lost in time on dead sites. I’ll be reviving more old content I can find from those dead sites, much of it has been lost but whatever can be recovered and is still relevant will be posted here however it’ll be dated as of when the original content was originally posted online. So you’ll be finding some posts with dates from before 5 years but that’s the reason why. It won’t be much content but some of the best from MiscRave through out the years.

For the future we have many things planned, new podcast, discord, better organized sections, better articles and video of course. MiscRave is just getting started and bigger things are happening and we’ll see how they evolve over the next few years. There’ll be more update posts regarding these specific plans and changes but they’re all happening while the site keeps getting new articles. Here is to another 5 years.

Happy 5th birthday MiscRave!

Luigi Kawasaki

social hermit

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