Mighty Max Customs & Clones

Mighty Max completely changed the way that toy aisled looked like in the 90s, after Mighty Max every figure line had a micro playset for every license including Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Star Wars, Batman and even Pokemon. Sadly the impact of the franchise seems to have faded, hell even fans are the ones trying to remaster the Mighty Max Cartoon. Since there isn’t a Mighty Max Revival happening anytime soon it is then up to the fans to bring some newness to the IP.

I always thought that for a revival of the Mighty Max toyline would need to do color variants to maximize the cost of the molds. I thought for sure the iconic Skull Dungeon would be remade and a great variant would be like a back and white horror movie; Paying tribute to old horror movies And since it wasn’t going to happen I got the help of some friends Kukupay Customs and and Mighty Max Clones.

The final result came exactly how I imagined it in my head and It’s going to be one of my favorite pieces in my Collection. I already have some ideas of other things I might want done. They did a fantastic job and would love to work with them again. I can also recommend Mighty Max Clones if you want a copy of a figure; There are many playsets out in the wild but figures are a scarcity so while some may frown upon it, at least it gives a way to add life to those bare doom zones out there.

This whole project came up because I wanted some Mighty Max memorabilia and wanted something “new” which was impossible. I first decided to get a cloned kid Max, Virgil and Norman for my collection since at least they’d feel different and they’re decent copies of the originals to boot. I also got these RAVE colored Max’s to go along witht hem. They remind me of the early days of multi-colored caps and are just awesome.

It is actually the third time I write this post, so I might have missed some information I wanted to mention, so I might be updating this post a couple of times and/or when I get new customs done.

Luigi Kawasaki

social hermit

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