French Progress #10

As seen in my last few progress reports I’ve not been able to make the progress that I had wanted and had dedicated less time to learning French which is a shame. I have learned quite a bit and realized many things along the way. With life and other responsibilities getting in the way it can make it hard to make the progress that you want. Now if you wait to find the time to be able to do something then it’ll never happen because time will always find a way to be used by something else.

You have to force yourself to find the time to do things and reach the goals that you want to or else those goals will never get there. With that said I’ll be taking a smallish break from learning French because I have two bigger goals I want to reach right now that require of that extra time and they’ve been requiring time for a while now and my priority will be shifting to those.

I am not stopping French 100%, I’ll try to study it as much as I can but like it has the last few months, it hasn’t and won’t be my priority for the next few months. As I’ve mentioned before a little learning is better than nothing and I’ll continue like it but I know it’s not my current priority but hopefully by the next progress post It’ll be back on the table. So yeah, it’s not so much a break but more of a making official what had already been happening, it hasn’t been my priority and won’t be but I’m not stopping by any means.

Luigi Kawasaki

social hermit

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