Bonne Année Chansons: French New Years songs to learn and practice

This week since it’s the new year I’ll be sharing 3 New Years French songs to practice our listening skills and enjoy this new year. These were the most interesting New Years songs in French that I was able to find, only one is themed to a specific year while the others are generic and can be used for any year but all are fun to listen to train your ears.

Bonne Année 2018

The only French New Years song that is themed to a specific year but it’s only a quick reference to the year which also helps in hearing how the year is said, the paroles/lyrics are on the video itself and fairly easy to follow along and since it repeats itself your’e able to catch the words that you may have missed the first time around. I do like the neon Rave fireworks as well, fits MiscRave’s theme nicely.

Médérice “Bonne Année

I liked this one since it was so different than anything out there since it’s a rather tropical song for what is mostly a winter festival for most. Like the previous song it’s good to catch new vocabulary and the repetition helps, sadly there are no lyrics but hey that only helps you pay more attention and for you to do your own homework.

Chanson de la bonne année

It seems it wouldn’t be a good post if I didn’t have some kind of little kids song so here it is, what made me choose this one instead of another is it’s easily the fastest song out of the three I featured and hardest to follow. The lyrics are in the description and it’s a short song which if you made it to this far then you don’t want another long new years song so it’s the perfect song to end this week’s French post on.

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bonne annee neon rave

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