Christmas Toys of the Year

It’s X-Mas morning, you go to the tree to see if Santa Claus brought you everything he wanted that year. He delivers! At least in my case for the most part Santa seemed to deliver but not everyone can get what they want on Christmas, especially if it’s that one Toy of the Year that everyone wants. Here is a small archive of all our Xmas Toys look backs and tributes, whether it’s old, recent or Turbo Man of all things you have always wanted.

Nintendo sure has a history of Toy of the Years with multiple entries all viewed here. They cover various years and will likely continue to do so as long as they exist. 1988 1989 1999 2004 2006 2012

In 1994 there was no hotter franchise than Power Rangers, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers came out in 1993 but it was the 1994 xmas season of our favorite spandex tokusatsu heroes that the Mighty’ Morphin Power Rangers disappeared from toy shelves.

Turbo Man was the toy of the year forever, here is our little tribute to Turbo Man.

TOTY is a recurring Xmas series that will get new entries during the Xmas seasons so expect it to grow over the years.

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