FVN: Amity Island Beach shark attack: What we know for the 4th of July

FVN News: Amity Island Shark Attack:

AMITY ISLAND, NY (July 2nd)– Merchant fishermen captured a shark alleged to be the one that attacked and killed 12 year-old resident Alex Kitner this past Wednesday on June 29th.

This morning in a crowded scene at the Amity shipyard, a team of fishermen showed off their catch; a 500 lbs tiger shark that is believed to be the one that fatally bit Alex Kitner in plain view of terrified beach goers last week, and left Amity Island in shock and the beaches shut down.

Alex Kitner’s family had announced a $2,000 bounty for anyone that caught and killed the shark, though details regarding the reward payment have not been made public at this time. The family has been vocal and critical towards the local government and police chief Martin Brody’s inaction following the death of a female swimmer which the Amity coroner ruled as a boating accident. The girls name has not been released yet.

Mayor Larry Vaughn prevented the shark from being examined to confirm if human remains might be found inside the animal’s digestive system, citing discretion and respect to the family of Alex Kitner. This was despite some citizens expressing their desire for it to be investigated.

Shark expert Matt Hooper from the Oceanographic Institute is very critical of the quick identification of the shark. “I’m not saying that it’s not the shark [..] It probably is. It’s a man-eater. It’s very rare for these waters. But the fact of the matter is the bite radius of this animal is different than the wounds on the victim.” Hooper’s comments suggest his belief that the female swimmer found on the beach had been the victim of a shark attack instead of boating accident.

Sheriff Brody was involved in an altercation, allegedly with the mother of Alex Kitner, at the scene of the shark’s display. He was unavailable for comment.

Mayor Vaughn assures that the beaches are safe, and that they would be re-opened in full for the 4th of July celebration– a huge draw and economic boost for the town every year. Currently all businesses will be open and and activities remain on schedule for Independence Day.

When surveyed regarding the shark’s capture, Amity citizens are overwhelmingly relieved and believe the shark captured was indeed the one that attacked the boy.

“I think it’s wonderful,” said Mrs. Taft, “It’s great that our town doesn’t have to live in fear anymore. I can’t wait to head out to the beaches on independence day.”

Despite the capture, some fishermen are still on the water searching for the shark. Decorated sailor and local character Benjamin Gardner was noted to have not yet returned to port. Some still trying to locate the shark because they think it’s out there and others just to see if they find anything else.

Mrs. Taft mentioned while laughing, “Ben never checks the radio. We likely won’t hear from him for days.”

Below is a timeline of the events so far.

Female boating accident
June 20, 1975
Amity Police Find Body
June 21, 1975
Small Boy Attacked By Shark on Beach
June 25, 1975
Beaches Close
June 26, 1975

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