2018 is gone let’s take a look at what 20 years since 1999 has to offer in 2019

A brand new year is coming so let’s have a quick look back at what was accomplished at MiscRave this year and the future and maybe some personal goals in here as well. First of all this year I was able to finish a lot of articles that had been planned for years, we got a new site re-design, started a few new features I wanted to bring to the site and overall we got a lot of stuff done. But enough about this year, let’s take a look at the plans for next year.

We still have a few review clean up articles archive that we’re going to push through out the year but overall we’ll be moving towards our more original take of articles which are the most popular ones and the ones I enjoy doing the most even if they take longer to get out. The Digiculture podcast is going to continue for a while and likely end with the launch of a new or two new podcast projects. We’ll be putting more effort to our youtube channel mostly to have new video content. Our French Corner will actually be getting a lot more attention as I’m making a lot of progress in my French and we’ll also be having a few Spanish articles to test out a small niche with some guest writers Spanish. We won’t focus on too much on news articles or opinions since I have always preferred evergreen content which is why we usually shy away from and we’ll continue like that. As far as when to expect articles I feel the way we did it last year worked the best, we try to have about 3-4 articles a week but some weeks may only have 1-2 and some others might have a new article every day. 2019 looks like it’ll see good changes to the site.

Luigi Kawasaki

social hermit

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