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Sony’s Spider-Man Cinematic Universe

Spider-Man is back at Marvel for the time being and Sony has been wanting to do their own Cinematic Universe for a while now and is going ahead with it, even without Spidey himself. Most people seem to be against it but is it really a bad idea?

Spider-Man Negative Man PS4

Sony already tried to do a cinematic universe once before with The Amazing Spider-Man duology but it failed to catch on. As I wrote before, it’s not that bad of a movie even if it has its flaws and it wasn’t a bomb either, it just was a disappointment in the Box Office. Sony is clearly invested with Spider-Man as we’ve seen with it headlining E3 2017 with an exclusive game, an animated movie and various Spiderverse movies being worked on.
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Ultraforce Cartoon Review

Ah the 90s, the decade were everything had to be X-TREEEME and with comic books making a comeback in that decade, new heroes that were more extreme than the old ones had to be made. That led us to Ultraforce from Malibu comics. Now I never read them or even knew they existed. Seeing a bunch of 90’s heroes that weren’t from DC or Marvel but some indie comics is awesome and they had their own cartoon so of course I had to watch it.

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Spawn’s Angela Tribute (Marvel, Neil Gaiman)

Angela has been making a splash in the Marvel Universe as Thor’s sister and in Guardians of the Galaxy but she began as a character on Todd McFarlane’s Spawn but a legal battle over ownership by Neil Gaiman since he created her ended up in him keeping the rights to her and being able to take her wherever he wanted. She will likely never be in a new Spawn comic or media ever gain which is terrible since that incarnation of her is far more interesting and appealing.
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Stan Lee insults Rob Liefeld and Todd McFarlane

Like most I like to think of Stan Lee as this nice old grandpa type character even if we know he was not such a nice guy in the past. I’m also a fan of Rob Liefeld’s and Todd McFarlane’s work since I enjoy comics in the 90s even if they’re mostly made fun of now for being too extreme. This video from the 90s is awesome, I guess it’s a 20 minute tv show where they draw and this 3 minute clip takes all the instances of Stan Lee dissing both these artists for how ridiculous it is and I don’t think it was mean spirited, it just seems that way because of the edits but fun jabs as these two were very famous around the era this show was made. McFarlane even seems to be enjoying getting shade thrown at him for what he was doing. Nevertheless it’s a very fun video worth a watch regardless of your opinion of any of these artists.

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The Problem With.. Marvel Cinematic Universe | Shared Universes Part I:

I have always liked continuity so shared universes or “cinematic universes” as they’re called now, heck I even made a post about a Marvel crossover movie back in 2005 before Marvel Studios was a thing and thought of the MCU or Iron Man had a movie and was known to the general audience.
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