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Looking back on.. Olsen Twin’s Two of a Kind

One summer after school I found this show called Two of a Kind which had the Olsen Twins who while a little older than me they were basically actresses I saw grow up on screen like I was and I checked and episode out even if I wasn’t the target demographic. I found that I I really enjoyed it and became a guilty pleasure for me,I decided to re-watch it and see how well it had held up, so let’s take a quick look back.

Two of a Kind Fox ABC Family

We have to remember that the Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen were really hot during this time as they hit it off after the success of Full House and made plenty of successful TV and direct to video movies. Them having their own show seems only logical as America could not get enough of the Olsen Twins. I can’t say I was a huge fan and only know of all this because I would watch the commercials so unsure how I ended up watching Two of a Kind but I guess I was just an avid watcher of the Fox Family / ABC Family channel.
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Music Match v3 Videos

This week we celebrate the start of Summer by reviewing 3 music videos that is something you would play right after school got out in the 90s and boy do they reek of the 90’s but not only that, I think all three songs have kind of an empowering theme of go and do what you want since it’s your life. Also by pure coincidence all three songs today had two different music videos for the same song. You can also check out the previous two editions of Music Match Videos.

Shampoo – Trouble

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Early internet song song memes

During the times of Web 1.0 having streaming video was sort of a privilege and not something very common you would find online but we did see the rise of flash which sort of gave us video in the early days. With it we got a few of the first internet memes on the internet, at least musical internet memes. Most of us have forgotten about them and some of us don’t know them so let’s take a look at some internet history.

Thanks to the awful translation in the Sega game Zero Wing we got one of the most popular gaming internet memes that is still referenced to this day. hell the website, all your base are belong to us is still active. Even if its nearly two decades old it somehow still feels fresh and the internet tried hard to make Engrish feel overdone, now Someone set us up the memes. Classic.
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Stan Lee insults Rob Liefeld and Todd McFarlane

Like most I like to think of Stan Lee as this nice old grandpa type character even if we know he was not such a nice guy in the past. I’m also a fan of Rob Liefeld’s and Todd McFarlane’s work since I enjoy comics in the 90s even if they’re mostly made fun of now for being too extreme. This video from the 90s is awesome, I guess it’s a 20 minute tv show where they draw and this 3 minute clip takes all the instances of Stan Lee dissing both these artists for how ridiculous it is and I don’t think it was mean spirited, it just seems that way because of the edits but fun jabs as these two were very famous around the era this show was made. McFarlane even seems to be enjoying getting shade thrown at him for what he was doing. Nevertheless it’s a very fun video worth a watch regardless of your opinion of any of these artists.

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Post Hype: Power Rangers Movie Teaser Trailer & Mega Battle Video Game

I like to post my thoughts on things a few days after their release to get rid of the initial reactions and all that hype that influences and skews your thoughts on said thing. The trailers for both the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Mega Battle video game and the Power Rangers Movie teaser came out a couple of days ago and here are my thoughts.
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