3 More Summer -y Music Videos Music Match v8 Madonna, Tricky, Celso Piña

It’s the end of July so let’s finish off this summery month with three more Summery Music Videos like the ones we had last week, this time we’ll feature some songs from very different genres but also ones that were played over the summer even if not exactly summer related.

Tricky – Evolution Revolution Love

It’s a hot summer but Tricky, Ed Kowalczyk and Garrison Hawkman knew this by giving us this song in the summer of 2001. This video helped change my musical tastes early in my life. It has a nice mix of styles and special effects that don’t look terribly outdated today. The concept is still fairly novel today and the summer night city makes this the perfect video to recommend for you to watch and listen.

Madonna – Ray Of Light

We now go back a few years to 1998 when Madonna got to re-invent herself successfully one more time by fully embracing the 90s. This was the late 90s so the decade had already established itself very well and in this album she mostly represents the cheery bright side of the 90s in contrast to the gritty 00s. The music video is just time lapses of random every day and positive activities through out the day while she is dancing. Madonna looks quite rejuvenated by the way her clothes are and even though she was 40 but this time she was still using sex-appeal to show that she still “had it” which worked somewhat even if not the exact way she envisioned. Played a lot during the summer, you might also remember this video from the Windows XP commercials.

Celso Piña feat Blanquito Man- El Tren (Mr. Cumbia man)

Combining Ska/Reggae with Cumbia this is just the type of songs and Music Videos I love to share since it’s not the type of mash up you normally hear but it works so damn well and deserves a listen. The styles are so different that somehow they just work and the music video feels exactly the same, two different videos that shouldn’t work but end up working. The Music Video is on a bright sunny day and just makes you want to reach for a cup of water and later they join the same stage in a beach at night.

Madonna 98 Summer

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