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when people think of Mighty Max comics they think of the awesome little pieces we got on the back of each figure. And indeed they were some of the coolest little stories 6 panels could tell. But beyond that there was also an actual comic book called The Adventures of Mighty Max. There isn’t a lot of information online about them so we created this little guide to tell you more about them. In total there are 11 issues, the full run was only 10 issues and released only in the UK before it was cancelled by Marvel comics. There was an issue 0 that was a promotional tie in to the SNES/Genesis video game.

Most issues include 3 stories but it depends on the issue. You get a small introduction of all the adventures Max will have in the beginning as well. The actual stories are rather basic and told quickly and they vary in quality, some are bad, most are ok, some are great. The intersting thing about the comics is that even though the designs are clearly based on the animated show, they had tons of influence from the figures. It almost seems like the writers of the comic just had a copy of the Cartoon Story Bible of what the story was more or less and then decided to adapt the actual Doom Zone playsets instead. I think this is kind of an interesting take as the actual toys finaly got some accurate representation in a way.

The continuity of the comics is a bit iffy, since it’s adapting the playsets. Sometimes we get actual sequels to episodes of the animated show meaning that but it often breaks continuity with events that happened in the cartoon. Because of this I like to think of the story as a Second Quest+ from video games after you beat them the first time. After the end of the cartoon the world gets rebooted and somethings will occur differently, hell the final issue even includes an alternate take on how they defeat the skullmaster so it works.

The cool thing about adapting the actual playsets is that they feature the different gimmicks of the playset. Not only that but sometimes the “head” of the villain was not represented at all in the actual playset, here you actually get to see a real cyclops and the like which the playsets implied or ignored but was a selling point. Overall the comics are a nice thing of everyting Max so fans should enjoy it.

The Mighty Max Comic weas definitely kid oriented, not only in terms of stories but it also featured things you’d expect from a kids comic in the 90s. These include little games such as mazes or spot the differences but you also get some cool stuff like print your own haunted mansion to play with your Mighty Max figures and other less interesting ones like print a space ship (less interesting!?). Some issues vould include little gifts like promotional magnets, pins and whatnot. You also had a letters section where you could ask Max, Norman or Virgil questions and show off your fan art. In fact some issues also included a little edutainment segment of where Max visited like int he cartoon.

Here is a guide to every story told in the comics:

Issue 0 – Adventures of Mighty Max video game tips. Grand Slam: a short story the grand slam Skullmaser tries to escape through an earthquake, on easter island, max stops him with the help of the giant easter statues..

Issue 1 – If the cap fits – Skullmaser tries to escape through an earthquake, they go to skull island, max stops him basically destroying skull mountain. They actually make a mistake here and show the outside of Skull Dungeon as part of Skull Mountain! A site for sore eyes = Cyclops from the playset, it actually has the Cyclops, not even the cartoon did it. Max’s snack attack – warmonger attacks max in his home. max actually fights and defeats him with Kitchen utensils,

2 – cry wolfship – brainsucker aliens return in a sequel to the cartoon. Max cracks it – Dr zygote using his cartoon design but differs from the cartoon interpretation, here we get the lab recreation of the playset and he doesn’t mutate. Mutant on the bounty – Skullwarrior based on playset with some liberties, perhaps the time when Bea and Felix find out he’s the mighty one! Though it’s left to interpretation.

3- Time and again – The mummy Venom keeps destroying the world so the heroes use time travel portals, crazy ideas for a siple plot! Nuts with bolts – droid invader adaptation for the most part. The big thaw – battle cat, mixed with skullmaster plot and lava beasts.

4- A sting in the tale – Dr scorpio adapted different here. Interesting that most stories try to link the rogues Max fights to skullmaster even if just a name drop. Bothers me that Norman calls virgil chicken. Heads you lose – Skull Dungeon adaptation but since the skull was used as skull mountain so its a generic castle mansion like place instead interesting, you do get a cut out of the castle to use with your figures with this retcon. Back to the stone age – a sequel to the battlecat adaptation this time mostly set in a jungle.

5– Ravendark – It uses the cartoon design but the story is more like the domzone story plus ice and 2 dragons instead, definitely breaks continuity. Love cabin fever a different more interesting lockjaw adaptation. Max axed – In McGillicuddy’s travelling circus a defrosted viking that ends up being Spike, definitely a sequel to the cartoon episode.

6-Sonic Doom – Nightwing and warmonger story, a bit basic but interseting mash up. I like how they sometimes mix and match playsets! Night of the living dude – Gravedigger adaptation zombies, corpus? Suckers and sea – A vague adaptation shark set and a better one than the one the cartoon gave.

7- Teacher’s pet – Dr Zygote is back in this sequel. I like how they have continuity in the comics with their own stories. This one is a bit lame otherwise since it takes place at school. The apes wrath – not a adaptation of the playset but is uses ideas of the cartoon adaptation except totally different, really odd story all around. The whys and wherewolves – adaptation incorporates the winged wolfs from the set! good one for originality.

8- Skullmaster Triumphant: Mad Cap Kidnap- three part epic Max’s mum and skull warrior return for skullmasters plan. Triumphant part 2 wolf in ship’s clothing – continuity continues the story here is the brian suckers are back and mix of two play sets in one story. Part 3 Storm over dragon island – adaptation of Dragon Island though very different, ends the story, it does feel more epic by dividing it like this.

9-Tomb with a view, Venom again continuation but the story of venom never made much sense, neither does it do here but still nice to have him back inspite of logic. The Soulgem part 1 get the soul of Norman and Virgil. Continued next issue.

10- – Meet the beetles beetlebrow set adaptation and sequel to the episode, it even has flashbacks. Soul gem part 2 serves as an ending as Skull Master is defeated.

Castle of Doom pop up book – Not a comic but since we’re taking a look at all things Max then why not, very short, for very small kids. The heroes meet skull master they fight they escape. The end.

As much as they tried to get people to subscribe to 12 issues of the magazine I guess it didn’t happen. The legacy of the comic will live on since they often gave gifts to readers, usually just Mighty Max merchandise like backpacks and school supplies, but there was also a glow in the dark variant of Robot Invader exclusive to an offere here that is now really rare!

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