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During my time learning French I’ve spent ag ood amount of years now in the French subreddit which isn’t always as helpful as I”d like but it has still been a great resource of great stuff that I’ve found there over the years. I bookmarked all these either for the topics, content or comments that provided helpful tips so I’ll be sharing them here for those who would like a curated list of good topics on Reddit. Here are ten differnet links to entertain you but I still have more curated pages to share which you’ll find on those days I dont’ have time to write a full French Friday post.

Learn French with Cats! This is from a channel called "Parole de chat" on youtube – a funny channel to study basic French from French

Wanting to learn French so been using Duolingo for a week or so. Was wondering how effective people think this is or point me towards other free resources to use. from French

French learners who are now fluent: What do you think courses that claimed fluency but didn’t deliver were missing? from French

A0 to B1 French in 8 months: How I Immersed Myself from French

French words and nuances that don’t exist in English from French

English vs. French subtitles when watching tv in French. from French

French words and nuances that don’t exist in English from French

Best offline French/English dictionary for Android? from French

A great trick to enhance your vocabulary learning. from French

Finished Duolingo course, now what? from French

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