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Here we have a third edition of a curated list of inks of the best of the French Learning subreddit that I’ve accumulated over the past few years while learning French. The topics were chosen either because the link had great information or just because the discussion was worthy and informative.

Do you want to learn French Language from French

Stumbled Upon This Informative Video About France. I hope You Guys Enjoy It As much As I Did 🙂 from French

Do you want to learn French Language from French

UPDATE: My New Years Resolution is to study French for 15 minutes every day in 2016. from French

Finding time to learn French when you’re very busy ? French for busy people from French

Best French resources to perfect grammar from French

Y VS EN [French Pronouns] from French

I’ve made a book with the 2000 Most Common French Words in Context and I’m giving it away for FREE from French

C’est fini! The Google Doc of the 100 Most Common English verbs translated and conjugated to French! from French

Learn French and get certificate? from French

French Reddit

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