Rest of 2020 updates

2020 has been a fun year so far to say the least but I’ve kept busy with the site, life has also kept me busy but been following up with at least 1 new article per week, sometimes more and I plan to continue this trend for the rest of the year. I have plenty of stuff to write about so there is no drought there, just time to finish all these unfinished drafts. Hopefully a little later in the year I’ll have a little more time and here is what is being planned for then.

When I have more time I don’t plan on writing more articles per week, I’ll continue to do around 1 maybe 2 in some weeks. However what I do plan is to update older articles, starting from the very first one. to keep them up to date and not outdated with old information unless it’s historic in a way. Some of them will be improved or be made more snazzy so look forward to that, I plan on doing that with all articles until we reach the ones from this year who will also be getting an audit. Plenty of articles will have more information added to them like Nintendo mobile ones for example.

In general the site will get a big overhaul next year in 2021 so that’s why I want to make sure everything is up to snuff. French Friday, the podcast, Music Match will all still happen but still at various times as it’s been in the past year or so. It can be difficult but I do plan these things in advance so there shouldn’t be any droughts like sometimes in the past, I do believe minimum one thing a week is important.

Luigi Kawasaki

social hermit

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