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Organizing Update

A few random site updates, first of all the Halloween season is about to begin so expect “spooky” updates to start either starting October or a little bit before October, most stuff published during this time will try to feature some sort of halloween theme as talked about here though not every article will have to be and I use “spooky” in the vaguest of terms; the piece of media features a mall goth? Spooky!.

I’ve written a lot over the past year so it’s getting messy to go through the archives, similar to how I’m doing it for Layton World so I’m going to start cleaning those up so that it’s easier to sort through content here. I’m also looking to revamp the front page and even the look of the site through out the rest of the year. If you have any suggestions or questions make sure to email me sdp@miscrave.com.
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Happy 1st Birthday MiscRave!

We were offline for a day because of some server problems but they seem to be taken care off by now, that did change my scheduling of some posts, like this one. We’re celebratingf 1 year of MiscRave! The site was available for a while before but not much was done with it and in its current reboot started one year ago.

While still trying to find its footing what I especially liked the last few months was that it’s becoming what I always wanted, just a Miscellaneous compendium of all I like to Rave about. But things will continue to evolve, expect more political commentary, musical, fictional continuity analysis, and market predictions. We’ll also have videos soon. Remember the home page includes smaller updates about what is going on with the site.
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Learn English & French

A quick announcement on some side-projects here at the Rave.

I was a foreign language teacher for a few years and still help people out from time to time. So I thought I’d aggregate some tools and steps for people who are learning English to use and help anyone who is learning with all the experience that I have gathered over the years. The posts will be made every Wednesday and you can see an archive of them by clicking the link below:

I am also learning French, and every Friday is #FrenchFriday here at MiscRave for the next year as I try to learn and write articles about my progress and things that have been helping in my path to learning a new language. You can follow the posts every Friday or look at the archive on the link below:
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MiscRave Newsarama Update

Site was down for 3 days mostly because of problems with my webhost, but we’re in a brand new one hopefully this shouldn’t happen for a long time at least. So, sorry for the lack of updates while the site was down, remember you can always follow me on twitter or follow the site on twitter and facebook to be up to date.

In other news the site in general will be getting a slow re-design over the summer, the forums were taken off since they were using a lot of bandwidth but not many people were using them. Monday’s will continue to feature music related content, Friday’s will have french related articles, Wednesdays have the MiscRave podcast and miscellaneous articles the other days from entertainment to analysis. Smaller announcements are usually made in the front page as I don’t like to fill up the articles section with updates.

Rave it up!

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Jurassic June is coming to MiscRave

Starting June MiscRave will be raving it up with Jurassic June! Now what is Jurassic June? It’s a celebration that started as a joke by the Jurassic Park fandom but is now a time to enjoy all things Dinosaur related. So expect many dinosaur related posts the whole month; Not every article will be Dinosaur related but I’ll try to have most of them fit the theme of the month, you’ll also see some gaming articles as it’s also E3 time and the usual Miscellaneous articles that are expected. I’ve been holding off on some Dinosaur articles just so they could be posted in June
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MiscRave Message Board

A few announcements on the site, first of all most new announcements will now be posted on the home page. If it’s something big it would still be posted here but any of the smaller updates like the current recurring posts such as TMNT Week or TokuThursdays etc.

Second, the MisRave forums are open, in there you can continue the discussion of anything posted here on the site, but more specifically I want to see if it can become a community of smaller franchises. There are many shows/movies/bands/games/etc that have a few fans but there’s no website dedicated to them and hence no old school message boards for them. While none of those niche things might be able to keep a forum alive by themselves, it just might if we put them all together. If anyone wants to have their forum hosted here then just contact me sdp @ miscrave.com or post on the forums. I hope the forums can become a non-toxic community for a some franchises.
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Off-line Spring Cleaning update

I didn’t have internet since Thursday night which explains the unfinished posts that were published automatically over the weekend and the lack of a post yesterday, but things should be fine for now so expect some type of daily update. Remember you can follow @miscrave on twitter for site news/updates/relevant articles and @0sdp for my personal account.

I’ll go ahead and fix the two updates from last weekend later tonight since they were just drafts without any text that got published. The Miscrave podcast will continue tomorrow. Also I figured for the rest of spring if possible it’ll be “Weview Reekends” were there is a new review on Saturday and Sunday as I had mentioned in the previous spring cleaning update. We are working on a new banner that looks much better than the current place holder and the production of the podcast will be improving by episode 116. You can also expect more Miscrave Media projects in the near future.

As always if you have any comments or suggestions make sure to email me sdp@miscrave.com or comment.
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